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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Funny Aviation Videos

These are ‘s favourite aviation funnies!

Pam Ann Vs Virgin Atlantic (Response to this Virgin Atlantic Advert)

Poking fun at airline pilots:


Jet Pilot Song

Airline Pilot Practical Jokes (Monty Python)

Bud Light Advert (Tongue-in-cheek ode to budget airline pilots)

Lynx Jet Advert (Yikes!)

Pam Ann ‘Global Alliance’ (Taking the mickey out of Flight Attendants/Hosties the world over)

Pam Ann ‘Cabin Service’

Funny Vodafone Advert:

Plane ‘crash landing’ on the sea:

Racing Planes:

Bumpy Landing!

Psycho Flight Attendant:

The future of No Frills Airlines?

Yorkshire Airlines:

Wait for the FA’s passenger announcement at the end of this amateur video!

Tongue-in-cheek Pilot PA aimed at Terrorists

Poking fun at the demise of Hooters Air

I’m not terribly sure what to make of this one.   Quite simply, it’s title is: “Drunken Pilot”

Honestly? I don’t think he is drunk. it’s more likely that he is ill, and simply tripped on a bag (he was looking over his sholder-not at where he was going). He was probably in a bit of a stew about being ill when he was on duty.


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