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How can you trust a Pilot and accept his chosen career? …You really can you know!

February 15, 2011

I included the above picture to demonstrate the ways that one individual can be viewed stereotypically by a number of different people and perspectives. How we perceive others is subjective, that is to say that thoughts are not facts. I often receive emails or blog comments, rants and pleas for help from pilot wives and […]

How to avoid falling down negative (emotional) Pilot Wife/girlfriend rabbit holes…

September 17, 2010

I have to say, that I cant remember ever feeling as accepting and at peace with my life as it is as I feel at the moment… That is not to say my life is picture perfect; but simply that I am living in the moment and accepting the things I cannot change.  I downloaded […]

The wisdom of no escape

September 11, 2010

Right… I have reached the end of my tether… My ‘fat jeans’ don’t fit me any more! In all the chaos of this year, my physical exercise has really been the element that has given, and I am eating tons of chocolate! Not really a good balance, but I am focusing on what is right […]

Pilot Reduced Nightmares

July 17, 2010

Last night, I went to bed restless. I am not sure why. I struggled to get to sleep, probably because I was up too late on my new MacBook pro.  Bf rang me, and we chatted at about 1am, he was just about to go out to dinner after a hard afternoon’s shopping.  He hired […]

Back on track

July 1, 2010

Things are looking up a little since my last post.  We just got back from one of Bf’s work trips (which I will write about in my next entry) and I was offered a new job that I was called about by a recruitment consultant about… I posted my CV on Monster aaaaaaaaages ago, and […]

Good Friday will forever be the day that I lost my Dad

April 5, 2010

My Biological Dad, who was in hospital a couple of weeks ago seems to be recovering well and despite one brief hiccup where he ended up back in hospital, he is on the mend. Thank God. So, this Easter bank holiday weekend, I decided to come out to France to see my parents with a […]

Good news… I found a flexible work arrangement that fits around his roster!

March 25, 2010

This past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind for me… Some good stuff, some bad… I am not sure where to begin, but I guess starting from where I was at on my last post maybe better than hitting you with all the heavy stuff first.  I was job hunting when I last […]

Happy New Decade!

January 9, 2010

So we’re in a new decade… Out of the Noughties and into the ten-teens. I can’t help wondering what the new decade will bring. I remember the turn of the millenium so well; mainly because I was so bloody miserable! I had a six month old baby, with a man I wasn’t happy with; we […]

100,000 HITS!!

December 8, 2009

So I just wanted to write a post to say THANK YOU very much to everyone who reads my Blog. I was staggered to see that I hit 100,000 hits on my stat counter yesterday! I installed the hit counter when I transferred my Blog over to the WordPress host in April 2008 after using […]

Quick update

June 29, 2009

I could cry with relief. I have just had an appointment with my doctor, I am covered by the airline’s medical insurance and I now have a referral to see a private specialist.  My GP agreed that the consultant I saw sounds like he was not giving me the best service and agreed that his […]