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Back online, but don’t expect much!

As some of you may have noticed, I shut this blog down for the past 11 months or so… I am by no means ‘back’ but I keep getting requests from people to view the blog, and I am open minded to let people read it if they so wish, and if it helps you in some way… Please be aware that I am not the same person who wrote a lot of the posts of this blog (one of the reasons I closed it)..  I was suffering with a lot of insecurity issues at times, and then I experienced a few things (3 close bereavements, severe personal health issues and life in general) that put life into a FAR healthier perspective for me.

My advice-take everything you read on any blog with a large pinch of salt!  I often wrote when I felt most emotional, which was certainly reflected in some of my writing and posts, but wasn’t necessarily a true reflection of my actual life as a whole.  If you are a pilot wife/gf seeking out comfort-may I suggest that instead of reading the anonymous spewing of random blogs; that you go onto pilot wife/gf forums where you will experience the self policing wisdom of crowds-MUCH more balanced and healthy than just reading one person’s experiences of THEIR life…

As for Peter… My regular anonymous commenter… I do know who you are now… If you happen to notice this is back-PLEASE DON’T EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN.

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