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And now, something to make you/Me smile

I found these on this site called Animals Being Dicks:

He MUST have tripped…

I have to say, I love the cheek of this little bird.  I am very fond of African Grey Parrots (I’m not sure if that’s what he is, as the one’s I’ve seen have a red tail feather), but he has an impish side to him which you’ve gotta love (unless you happen to be a tortoise standing near a bin)…

Herman grew tired of other penguins constantly tailgating him, so he came up with a plan that he hoped would actually backfire…

LOL! Too funny!

Happy Father’s Day Smart Ass:

That is one ‘CHEEKY’ monkey!

I also love this video that seems to be doing the viral rounds at the moment of a cat barking like a dog until it get’s caught by a human:

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