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“How to get a Married Pilot to Cheat”… Are you freaking serious?

I have bigger fish to fry right now than to worry about whether my pilot is trustworthy… But this has really annoyed me (you’ll see soon enough).

Just for the record. I couldn’t feel more loved than I do right now. Bf is being SO AMAZING and is being incredibly supportive towards me in the middle of what I am dealing with at the moment with my Dad being on his death bed.  He has been playing single Dad to all of the kids (not just our own daughter) whilst I have been clocking up the miles back and forth to visit my Dad in hospital 200 miles away (4-5 times per week) over the past month. He has been especially attentive to my physical and emotional needs and even cooked up a big pot of chilli for me and the kids to eat just before he flew off on his current trip in an effort to help ease the burden of chores whilst he’s away and to make sure we all eat something nutritious and home cooked.

He has been giving me lots of extra hugs and cuddles, listening and being incredibly thoughtful and helpful, etc.  So this has not ‘got to me’ because I have trust issues that are burdening me…  This has just got my back up on a much more basic level (complete lack of respect for others).  As any blogger will know, we get to read the things that our readers have typed into search engines like Google et al… I am pretty thick skinned, and what I see people searching for rarely surprises me any more.  Occasionally a half smile, or a roll of the eyes… Here is a brief snap shot of some of my hits from this week:

  • Partner of a Pilot
  • partnerofapilot
  • Cheat
  • airport scanner pictures
  • it doesnt matter what job you do. it’s how you do it
  • cabin crew and pilot stories
  • cheating stewardesses cheat
  • how do pilots wifes feel about infidelity (hmm… That’s a toughie… Are you a complete RETARD?!  Yes of course you are-you don’t even know that the plural of wife is ‘wives’)
  • do most pilots cheat?
  • virgin complaint letter
  • cheating pilots
  • airport scanners
  • pilots partner
  • airport scanner pics
  • personality of a pilot
  • pilot personality traits
  • pilots who cheat
  • okdk7 (one of the ladies who comments on my blog)
  • why do cabin crew hate pilot’s wives (little bit of a generalisation, a lot of pilot wives are actually ex cabin crew too)
  • girlfriend tsa scanner
  • new tsa scanners pervert
  • pictures of what airport scanners see
  • what is it like been a pilots partner
  • life of a pilot’s girlfriend
  • married to a pilot
  • life of a pilot’s girlfriend/wife
  • dating for lonely pilots
  • if cabin crew have sex fired? (the answer to that is no by the way)
  • partner of a pilot page 13 (Im intrigued by that one myself, might have to type it in)
  • spirit pilots who cheat (haha… This was a name and shame hit… Gotta love Google)
  • affair with airline pilot
  • do flight attendants cheat
  • my husband pilot cheating
  • partner of a pilot blog
  • unique relationships pilots (they most certainly are, true roller-coasters, extreme highs and lows-so pilot stalkers beware… Know what you’re getting into it’s not like ‘the Good Ol Days’!)
  • i love pilots (get a life, it’s supposed to be about the person inside the uniform, not the uniform)
  • airline pilot cheats
  • cabin crew cheat
  • flight crew sex party
  • scum bag pilot cheater husbands (uh oh, sounds like there’s a story behind that one)
  • the pilot who risked his career and credibility for a cheap flight thrill with an even cheaper hostie
  • married flight attendants cheating
  • pilots relationship reputations
  • virgin atlantic stereotypes
  • cabin crew parties
  • i caught my husband cheating by checking his emails now he says its over because i loo… (I couldn’t see the rest, but let me tell you my lovely… The ending of that should read ‘because he’s a dick head‘. Trust me, this little tactic is called ‘Attack is the best form of Defence’ and he is using it to manipulate you into playing a pathetic game where his transparent tactics see you on the back foot and him with the game play advantage… The aim of the game is to make you the one in the wrong instead of him so that you’ll want him back.  He’s too cowardly to face the consequences of his actions, so tell him to man up, grow a pair and get out.  If he goes then good riddance, but I imagine that he’ll be begging for forgiveness if he loved you enough to make you his wife in the first place).

Any way.  All this stuff above is pretty standard.  I rarely even bother reading my blog stats any more. Today for some unknown reason I did, I was totally blown away (and not in a good way) to read that someone had searched for:

  • “how to get a married pilot to cheat”

I had to read it three times before it would sink in that someone could be this bloody shallow and devoid of respect… That someone is actually ignorant enough to think they are going to be able to get some kind of definitive answer if they type something like that into their search engine only proves that they are a complete muppet!  Honestly, people like this will never be happy and clearly have some serious issues on a fundamental level if they need to type that into Google… They might as well have typed “I am a complete moron without any decent qualities or values, and I’m desperate for attention”

Any way, I’m guessing that like me you have noticed a few themes with the searches… Namely,

  1. a genuine desire to connect with others who have a shared relationship  lifestyle
  2. People who are completely sucked in by the pilot/cabin crew stereotypes and are absolute slaves to insecurity
  3. Sexual predators who have a thing for the guys in uniform.
  4. People with fears/intrigue about the new airport security scanners
  5. People who are actually looking for my blog! 🙂

Any way… To all those in the second and third categories… A word of caution.  If you go searching for bad news, you will find it in abundance on the Internet.  Simply put: if you stir up a hornets nest-you will get stung… Do yourself a serious favour, dont judge all pilots of hosties by the uniform… Because firstly, cheating is not a pilot ‘thing’… It is a personality weakness that is simply facilitated by the time away for anyone who is shallow enough.

If a pilot does happen to be shallow enough, then I can only hope it will be with one of these desperate saddos that fall into category 3, because clearly that wont lead to anything fulfilling, happy or worthwhile and they will just end up reaping reap what they sow, because in my experience, these category 3 desperadoes are damaged goods with low self-esteems, needy personalities (AKA pilot kryptonite) and a high propensity to ‘f*ck him over’ financially.  Secondly, you are probably not going to find answers to your questions this way-in all probability, you’ll just end up more wound up and have even more questions!

I wish someone had told me that when I did my little ‘freaking out’ stint.  I wasted a lot of time and energy making myself unhappy because I was looking for doom and gloom to depress myself with…  Do yourself a favour and TRUST YOUR GUT.  If your gut tells you that your partner is cheating, spare yourself the worry and heartache and either leave or get couples therapy to work out what isn’t working and what led you to this assumption.  If your gut tells you he’s one of the good guys, then ignore all of the stereotyping and insecurity driven drivel on the Web and cut him (and yourself) some slack.

Now, if you still want to waste time on the net searching for things to look at in a bid to waste time-why not hop on over to youtube and watch “cat in a box” or “Cat Vs Printer – The translation” Those put a smile on my face every time!

25 Responses to ““How to get a Married Pilot to Cheat”… Are you freaking serious?”

  1. I once had a girl come up and ask for tips on how to marry
    a pilot, I laughed all the way home that day, 😉

  2. the way it happened to me is that we got into an argument,
    I said I wanted a divorce. He went to work and drowned in sorrows
    in alcohol, found a desperate 40+ fa who had affairs with married
    men before, got drunk and slept with her within an hour of meeting
    her. check out my blog

  3. not all F/A’S and PILOT’S just some, and other jobs with travel too. No alcohol or one or two vodkas a couple of dances and she’s happy for the attention and he’s happy to give her the attention she want’s, sex is beautiful for both man and women.A job they have in common leads to great conversation about work then fun stories about travel shared passion for life that they have in common the wife and husband at home could not relate to this.she’s not desperate or drunk she’s just a women and he’s a man that get each other, it’s a lonely lifestyle for some.People don’t have to be in love for sex to be fun,what happens on the road stay’s on the road wife at home never finds out or for women husband at home never finds out is very common in all travel jobs not just airlines.wife and I divorced we just grew apart she never knew about all the other women and she could of cheated while I was away who cares now, glad I enjoyed life to the fullest. my wife and I both stayed slim and healthy to try our best to enjoy life to the max,it’s so easy to blame everyone else now days.
    Take responsibility for own life not easy way out and blame 40+ F/A who most likely is slim healthy fun to talk to has passion in life the sex makes this bond a 100 times stronger.She’s not drunk and desperate she’s just a women who takes care of her self.she deserves to be happy peace out.

  4. married 25 1/2 years husband pilot for almost 27 years with
    AA. At the 20 r mard he decides to cheat. 4 one night stands guess
    what I found 3 of them on computer. @ of those are nothing are ever
    would have thought he’d sleep with . Work out , try to fun, have 3
    kids so lots of normal issues, wear the same size as when we
    graduated from high wchool. guess what it happens anyway. we were
    having a great sexual realtionship with the normal money issues and
    kid issues and he wne t looking . Still together. bit I am screwed
    because I will never understand why he did not ell me he was
    unhappy and slept with others. guess what checked them out on
    computer they are so big! Cannot move passed it all no matter how
    much I want to.

    • Alison, I am in the same boat. My husband of 30 years and a
      commercial pilot for just as long just came clean about a year long
      affair with a FA supposedly several years ago. We have been working
      on our marriage and he said the guilt was eating him up. He said
      that it started out as a one night stand and then she became
      demanding and threatening that she was going to call me and tell me
      what a dirtbag he was. She also said that the reason she was having
      the affair was because whe wanted to see for herself if she could
      get a “happily married” pilot to cheat and confirm her belief that
      all pilots cheat. I guess that her pilot father left her mother for
      a FA. He ended the affair and she never called me ( i thought we
      were happily married, with three small children and a great sex
      life). Now that I have had a couple of months to reflect, i realize
      that the job comes with several temptations and marital fideliity
      is not something that is celebrated in the airline culture.
      Needless to say, i was destroyed by his confession, we are trying
      to work things out. I know how you feel. Good luck

      • Married 20 years, together 25. Two beautiful teens and he goes and gets himsef a ‘girfriend’ Gave the excuses that she was a one night stand, why would he want anything to do with her, was hoping i wouldnt find out and it woud be ‘his burden to bear’ etc etc etc. I made sure everyone knew about it and now he is stuck with her. some morbid sense of guilt i suppose.I Have moved on and am happier than i have ever been to this point. My favourite saying is you should have finished your dinner before you moved on to dessert. She wanted my life….well, now you have it and him. Good luck with that honey cause you’re gonna need it. Once a cheater-always a cheater. Hope you feel secure…….for now

  5. bad name my ass f/a cheat they are so much fun women that marry pilots good luck you will need it dlad i did not marry a fa piilots feel thecsame way

  6. I am married to a pilot who could hide his affair from me for full 4 years.I believe all pilots are a big cheat.They are big liers as they travel and get hotel accomodation where they can have sex and do all sorts of things without the families knowledge. They dont have any moral values.The air hostesses are a big problem. They ruin many families and they try to remain single so that play well….

    • not always a hostess…only a few of them give the rest bad names just as with any profession. Girl in every port is what happens. I hate that the airline covers for them.

    • Flight attendant are whore yes I am one I work at Delta and destroyed an entire family. I even called the teen age daughter to describe my sex life with her dad a delta pilot. The young girl was crushed and I was laughing so hard. Best day of my life!

  7. Does anyone else think this looks like a booty call ‘hook up’ site?

    Maybe just one to keep an eye on!

  8. looks like standerd airline world lifestyle easy sex with coworkers with benifits to me thanks for fun times all you f/a,s

    • I hope you die of an STD… That would be poetic justice!

    • Mind you “beentheretwice”, I have to wonder what a sad loser like you is doing trolling this blog… Since you are obviously not a pilot’s significant other, you must have a very sad life to be on here trying to hurt others!

      I wonder if you believe in karma or God… I somehow doubt it. Enjoy your ‘easy sex’ (if you ever do actually get any). Let’s see how easy it is if you contract a deadly STD from an ‘easy girl’-because if she’s easy fou, I’m pretty sure that men with an actual personality will find her much easier!

      I bet she’s been ‘well used’ and you surely have to wonder what else she might be giving you besides 30 seconds of crap sex if she might have been off screwing locals in countries that are high risk for HIV and other serious STDs.

      I believe that karma see’s us paying our debts without money-THink about why you are on here before you try to intoxicated others with your hurtful attitudes. Go and post on THAT website and leave us the hell alone!

  9. all f/a are well used by men who work on planes your 1 spep away from that selens selina hows that for karma

  10. My pilot husband has cheated on me with an older flight attendant (I mean old). She called me on the phone when she got my number from his cell phone. She told me she loves him and wow he was outraged. My husband almost sounded like that this was a given that he should have these flight attendants on the sjde so to speak The way he talked about this woman was dhe was just a dispenser for his urge to scratch an itch.I guess after 18 years of marriage I never knew him. He was one way at home all true blue and loyal and then he was some piece of work flying international getting laid. I can’t believe these flight attendants let themselves get used. This old woman flight attendant was 54 and talked like she did not have a brain in her head. Of course he described her as an old fat woman who was stalking him. It’s too bad but I am going to take every last dime he has. The good thing about being married to a pilot is that you can clean out bank accounts,get all the correct account numbers and find retirement accounts while they are gone. We had a happy marriage but we are going to have a very unhappy divorce. I might leave him with at least one pair of underwear when I get done with him and only if it is dirty. Granted I could have had numerous sex partners while he was gone but why would I want to live like that. The last thing I would ever to is to contribute to the end of a marriage and family. The sad fact is I will be alone but at least the kids will go to college and we will all take advantage of everything he has financially worked for. Too bad for him but marriage is a contract and he should of taken it seriously. I did love him but now I don’t. I cannot be married to such a self absorbed dumb a**.

    • That’s really sad. Why would you want to leave a “happy marriage”, take everything someone built over a lifetime to spite them? This is 2011. Pull your head out of your ass and use some logic, and turn your back on outdated moral codes. Your husband is on the road. Humans are biologically driven to fuck. It’s natural, it’s normal. He may have plowed some 53yr dopy broad on a trip, but this has nothing to do with your relationship with him. Quit being an asshole and let him be the person he is. Let him be open and honest with you, and your relationship will grow. Love is about accepting people for who they are. Try to get past your own judgment issues. If you weren’t happy in the relationship before, it would make sense that you would need a reason to bail on a man you have spent so much of your life with.

      • You are quite the dumbass Alex, perhaps you should contract an STD aka herpes and have it affect the rest of your life,

    • I’m really sorry…my pilot ex also cheated and it’s so disgusting to see how often it happens. I was home taking care of the kids and never even considered cheating on him…what ever happened to honor and vows ? The comment below by Alex is completely idiotic…I feel your pain.

  11. Let me tell you something people…I’ve been a flight attendant for twelve years…I haven’t met a pilot who has not cheated. They are very open about it and some actually brag about it…NO SHAME! This occupation is the perfect storm for a cheating man…Hotels…Alcohol…Horny Flight attendants…opportunity. enough said…Stay away ladies, you’re asking for trouble…very sad

  12. I am also the wife of a pilot- married for 25 years. I think “Another Wife” husband hooked up with the same FA my husband banged. She tried to blackmail my husband, stalked him after he slept with her, started calling and harassing me and showing up on his layovers. I took care of her, reported her blackmail to Delta HR- (she took a leave of absence and never returned to Delta). I downloaded her sexting messages to my husband to my computer and emailed them to her husband who now tells me he is divorcing her. And I made sure a public BLOG was written about her warning all pilots of her blackmail. If a pilot is stupid enough to think only with his external appendage and gets involved with one of these FA’s than they obviously deserve the backlash. By the way, Kim, who posted on here, if you had messed with my husband I would have ended your career and fun in more than one way. My husband entered into alcohol rehab program and full time therapy as well as retirement due to his escapades. I gave him a choice of me taking everything or continued marriage under the above conditions. I now get my satisfaction taking FA’s like Kim on this blog down.

  13. Pilot Wives- I have another bit of advice- its called- Post Nuptial agreement with infidelity clause- If Pilot Husband plays- he pays “YOU”.

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