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Why do emergencies ALWAYS seem to happen when the Pilot is AWAY!?

Okay, so I need to vent! I was in SUCH a great mood last night too… Bf had left to do a very quick trip away, and then last night, as I was flossing my teeth, I lost my root filling. I lay awake most of the night, and then was woken to the noise of drip drip dripping this morning. The weather outside was awful, driving rain that was coming down in sheets of rain. There was a leak in our ceiling. The most annoying thing about this, is that our roof is only 2 years old, since our bedroom is in the part of the house we had extended.

Never mind, we have emergencies insurance with Direct Line, I thought… So I got on the phone to them, only to be told that the insurance only covers plumbing emergencies, blocked drains, electrical wiring emergencies, locks or securing the property after a burglary etc… But that it does not cover things like leaks from a roof. I rang Bf at a cost of over 40 pence per minute (we would usually Skype when he’s at this particular place) and he asked me not to claim on the house insurance, since we’d lose our no-claims discount. He asked me to go up into the loft and investigate, which I did… Not fun at 7:45am, when you’ve only had about 5 hours sleep!

I could not reach the area of the roof where the leak was coming in , as I think it is where the gable joins the main roof. I could not see obvious leaking water from the roof, so I am assuming that it is running in along a join, beam or joist, and heading directly for the plasterboard. It was cold up there above the mountains of loft insulation, and I was aware of the fibre glass particles I could see flying around in the glare of my torch beam as I lifted sections of the insulation up. I must have been inhaling it too, and it’s nasty stuff that can irritate skin even on the outside of your body.

I gave up and returned back downstairs. For now I have placed a bucket underneath the crack in the plasterboard where the water is leaking out. I now have to ring and get some builders/roofers out to give me their opinions. This weather is set to remain for the week. Bf doesn’t return until Thursday, and I am not sure whether to sleep in the room in the mean time!? Why the bloody hell doesn’t this crap happen when my damn pilot is home???


3 Responses to “Why do emergencies ALWAYS seem to happen when the Pilot is AWAY!?”

  1. Seriously… this happens to me ALL the time. Something needs to get fixed and its a bigger job than I can manage on my own. Or something happens that requires a lot of phone calls to customer service for something and I have no time to stand around on the phone and work things out with people. And we all get sick at the same time too, and the in-laws get sick, and then I am stuck at home with sick kids and no help. And if the kids get sick I have no help anyways because no one else wants to get sick and help out… so its just me and no sleep and sick kids. I’m feeling ya!

    • I get that too! I had an important meeting to go to the other week, and I’m still on probation at work… Bf was away, and Baby got a sickness bug. GREAT

      None of my friend’s could help as they all have little ones too, but thankfully in that particular scenario, I was able to get Bf’s parents to come over. Bless them. They drove 2 hours EACH WAY just so that I could go to a meeting for a few hours!

  2. I know what you guys mean! I had a fuse blow last night causing all the lights in the house to go out, which I know is not too big of a deal but luckily despite fiancé being away on a four day trip, he called just as I was grabbing the phone to use as a torch and talked me through how to re set the safety swith. Crisis averted. Nothing ever happens when they are home tho!!

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