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Dancing Stewardesses…

OK… So, My gut is telling me I should hate this, but I actually think it’s kind of fun.

Its the in-flight safety demonstration by Cebo Pacific Air Flight Attendants for a Low Cost Airline in Manilla, Philippines.

It wouldn’t work for British airlines of course because they aren’t allowed to recruit in a way that discriminates against sex, weight, age, or physical appearance.  I can only imagine how off-putting it would be for passengers to watch some of the heffalumps and gay trolley dollies that work for Bf’s airline as they jiggled all their wobbly (and in some cases wrinkly) bits and glared hatefully at the passengers, because let’s face it, the UK cabin crew wouldn’t look nearly as happy or perky about the prospect of performing…

I can’t imagine there would be much oxygen left in the crew cylinders afterwards either-or before for that matter!  It’s a well rumoured crew hangover-remedy to have a quick suck on the on-board emergency oxygen supply if you’re feeling a bit ropey.

Not only that, but I’m sure that the unions would have a field day with it.  Actually, bearing all of that in mind, I rather wish Bf’s airline WOULD try to start this in-flight safety dance! HAHAHAHA! I’m sure the videos would be Youtube GOLD!

What are your thoughts?


2 Responses to “Dancing Stewardesses…”

  1. Hahahahahahh, oh wow!!

  2. I flew Cebu Pacific in August and would have loved to see this! haha! But they do play a kind of treasure hunt on the plane and pass out prizes. it’s cute.

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