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I wish they WOULD sack Michael O’Leary and replace him with a member of Cabin Crew!

I have a new hero… I have to say, I am a self proclaimed Michael O’Leary hater… He is undoubtedly a creative marketeer, but I think his marketing tactics would be better suited to something like sleazy PR for bottom-feeding celebrities than the airline industry. Still, I guess there’s only room for one Max Clifford, and I dont imagine someone like Michael O’Sleazy taking to second place very kindly.

His latest suggestion of dispensing with First Officers and having a member of cabin crew train up to ‘land the plane’ makes a mockery of the highly skilled job that all pilots do. Actually, I’m sure you could train a member of cabin crew to ‘land the plane’, but what about when if the Captain keels over from a heart attack, or there is a serious emergency, or both? Then what?!

Clearly, this will never get passed by the CAA, but what pisses me off is that he knows this and yet still feeds off all of the press idiots that continually give him column inches and air time… I am sure he sits in his office with his PR and marketing team offering prizes for the most outlandish and ridiculous statements that he can offer as words of ridicule to bite the hand that feeds him.

I think that’s why I love the Thromby Air site so much (picture above is from Robert E.Coli’s Thromby Air site)… It’s great to see someone finally openly having a pop back at these people’s expense…

This video makes me chuckle too… Clearly a lot of people love to hate him:

I also have to applaud the honesty of this actual Ryanair Pilot, Captain Morgan Fischer, who has stood up to his own CEO’s outlandish and unsafe remarks by suggesting that the CEO be sacked and replaced with a member of cabin crew instead… Though, knowing Bf, and how fearful he is of his reputation within the company, I have to wonder if he is about to retire, has a job offer elsewhere to go to already, has been put up to it by Michael O’Leary himself, either that or is thinking of a change in career paths… Who knows!


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