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These dreams are murder

I had another bad dream the other night… I have taken sleeping tablets every night since, and seem to have avoided dreaming at all as a result…

I dont remember all of it, but I remember fighting with my ex husband. He an I have been arguing a lot recently (did I mention that his silly young girlfriend is pregnant again? She’s due a year after their last one popped out, and he’s already using it as an excuse to be a loser to my sons). Any way… In my dream I was fighting with him and I ended up murdering him!  I felt no remorse, until I looked down and saw that the bloody body lying on the ground in front of me was my  terminally ill father’s.   I woke up in floods of tears!

I cannot tell you how traumatising these nightmares are, even after you wakeup and realise it was just a dream.

Thank Goodness that Bf was home and not off jetting around in the tropics somewhere… Not that he was much good. Pilots are so pragmatic about stuff like that. But I have to say that I was glad he was there!


2 Responses to “These dreams are murder”

  1. 😦 I totally understand how you feel. I haven’t been having nightmares but more like daymares I suppose you could call them! They are extremely disturbing and I don’t think it’s something you can fully understand until you experience it. At least the tablets work although I guess it’s not ideal in the long-term. I know what you mean about bf, just having somebody there can be comforting! Sending a hug x

  2. ps. that’s shocking about your ex! Jeez 2 in a year~!!

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