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Hope prevails

Bf has just left today on his first trip (without me) since he got stuck away in the volcanic ash cloud that put a 12 day spanner in the works a few months back!  I actually don’t mind this one at all.  I dont mean that to sound bad, I miss him, but in a good way.  I hope he has a wonderful time without me (for a change).  I have plenty to do whilst he’s gone, working at my fab new job, the kid’s sports day and school picnic and a catch up with a pilot wife girl-friend of mine…  Plus, some guilt free self-indulgent ME-time!

As promised a quick mention about my recent trip… After we got back from my brother’s Greek Wedding, on one of the Greek Islands not far from Turkey, Bf put in for tickets on a trip that he was going on, so that me and our little girl could go with (Mum and my good friend/neighbour agreed to help out with the boys, since they’d already had a week off school for the wedding).

It was not a destination I have ever yearned to go on, but it meant that I felt very zen about it either way… I went to my mindful meditation class the very next day, and then went into the office to meet the team of staff that I would be going to work with after the trip, if we successfully managed to get the tickets.  The team all seemed lovely, which was a bonus, and I walked out with a very positive feeling about the place. Something I never had at the last place I worked briefly.  I felt that my getting ‘fired’ was a gift, and that I had not only been spared working in a miserable environment, but that in it’s place was something better in every way.

Thankfully, there were seats available for both the out bound and return flights, so we confirmed the seats with staff travel.  The trip was lovely. Fab weather, fab hotel, all inclusive. Not much to do, since it was literally just an undeveloped desert island with a couple of hotels in it, but after the year I’ve had so far, and since we were only there for 4 days; it was perfectly lovely to just chill out and relax and not have a thing to worry about.

I took my Dad’s Cannon Digital SLR with me.  He loved taking pictures of the kids and flowers. His mother ran a plant nursery, so despite the fact that he was a highly specialised automotive engineer (he worked on a lot sports super-car prototypes and several F1 projects) he still had a passion for nature and had truly green fingers, and I liked the idea of being able to look through that same view finder and see the beauty of the world through a view finder that he looked through himself.  I took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures that I felt sure he would have taken if he had been there.  This beautiful hibiscus flower is one of them.  I loved all the little colourful veins in the petals.

Having gained back all the weight I lost over the past couple of months in 2 all inclusive hotels (all 9lbs of it), I returned home feeling rather sluggish, but very tanned and relaxed.  I went back to my meditation class and then went up to London to meet one of my absolute heroes.. I can’t talk about that at the moment for legal reasons, as I signed a contract not to blog about it or talk about it on social media, but very exciting none-the-less!

Then on the 1st of this month I started my new job… I feel like I am starting to settle in now and become part of the team.  All in all, life is starting to feel better, the only thing that took the edge off my happiness was getting the news that Mum and Dad’s close friend (the one who came to help me immediately when I knew Dad had a heart attack in France) has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  I was never massively close to him before, but I was grateful for his being there when I needed some help that fateful day, and his wife translated at the funeral directors for us too. It brought back a lot of very sad memories and I must confess that I did get quite tearful last night.  My own paternal grandfather died of pancreatic cancer, as did my paternal uncle on my other Dad’s side… Patrick Swayze just died of it recently too… So sad. I have not known anyone to survive it personally, but I am hoping that Jonathan will be the first.  They have booked him in for chemo, and some exploratory surgery, and they think they’ve caught it early, so it’s not without any hope at all.

I am holding dear to the new calm that I have found to anchor me through the sad times and ground me in the highs ones. Aside from all the sadness in my life, I have much to be thankful for… Three beautiful children, my lovely pilot who has a secure job, wonderful friends who I am blessed to know and who inspire smiles and laughter even in dark moments, a home to call my own, a lovely area to live in, surrounded by nature, and a great new job on top.  I am making the most of my biological Dad whilst I can… Making hay whilst the sun shines… He is home and well for the time being… Hope prevails.


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  1. Cheer up ! As you say hope prevails and at the end family and the loved ones are matter… nothing else.

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