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Back on track

Things are looking up a little since my last post.  We just got back from one of Bf’s work trips (which I will write about in my next entry) and I was offered a new job that I was called about by a recruitment consultant about…

I posted my CV on Monster aaaaaaaaages ago, and was no longer actually looking.  The consultant asked me if I would consider another role in digital marketing. I initially told the recruitment consultant that whilst I was aware of the agency, and liked the look of what they did, that I was not ready for full-time office based work-which I knew they would want.  He insisted that my CV was the best-matched one that he had found, and asked if he could pitch my working preferences to the Marketing agency regardless.  I agreed, thinking that I would probably never hear from him again.

Within an hour, I had a telephone interview arranged. I spoke to the guy at the marketing agency for well over an hour, and he invited me to come in and do a presentation of my ideas and experience to the directors.  It was a little daunting, since they have never really tackled social media (my specialism) and they were asking a lot from my presentation, but only gave me 2 days to prepare!  I spent the best part of the weekend working on it, and totally resented it by the time the interview had arrived, thinking that perhaps they didn’t have realistic expectations in general… Marred by my experiences at my prior employer, I walked in without any particular desire to win the role.

However, I was in there for over 2 hours, and was surprised at how friendly and nice everyone was.  The offices felt happy and the people were clearly a cohesive team with a common goal.  I walked out with a great gut feeling about the place and knew that it would be nothing like the last place.  Their only reservation was that I wasn’t keen to work full-time.  I set very real limits and expectations, and told them that I was dedicated to working, but more dedicated to my family whilst my kids are young, and said that I didn’t want to over-promise and under-deliver by over committing myself just yet.  They told me that they liked me, and made some very flattering remarks about my performance, but explained that if they found someone else as good as me-that could offer them full-time work, then the job would be offered to them.  I told them I understood completely.

I didn’t hear back for about a week, and thought perhaps that one of the other candidates had been offered the role instead, but I received a call from the recruitment consultant saying that they interviewed four other candidates, but that they didn’t like any of them as much as they liked me! They offered me 3 days per week, 2 in the office, and 2 mornings from home on a very healthy salary! WOOHOO!

I had my first day at work today, total information overload, but very nice all the same. The directors even took me out for lunch with a friend of theirs, who is working with us for a few months on the same project as me to help get me started. Bf is thankfully off a lot this month to help out with our daughter’s childcare until I get a better arrangement. With school holidays almost here, this was not the best time to start. Hopefully I can get something reliable in place by the time Bf’s heavy duty August roster is published. If not I’ll be using Sitters.


5 Responses to “Back on track”

  1. Fantastic news!!

  2. that’s brilliant! well done! very exciting about your trip too, looking forward to hearing about it x

  3. Congrats on the job partner, glad things are looking up for you.

  4. TERRIFIC that you are back to work !

    Hey… a reader has requested that you send her my email address.

    Could you do that for me, again ?

    Thank you

  5. I’m so happy to read a great post from you. Congrats on the job, sounds like it is perfect. If only I could find something like that!! Good luck- I hope it all goes well for you.

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