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Air New Zealand’s bare cheek when it comes to safety

I have a friend who has moved to New Zealand recently, and my attention has since been drawn to this video… I have to say, that as far as safety demonstration videos goes, it doesn’t fail to keep your eyes glued to the screen in a ‘surely not!‘ way…  Oh, and just in case you are wondering, the stars of the video are all bona-fide crew of Air New Zealand…  I can just see Ryanair doing something like this.

So here it is:  Air New Zealand’s ‘Bare Essentials of Safety’ video.  Pay close attention to what they are wearing…

What are your opinions? It’s certainly fun, and I certainly think it’s a clever way to make people pay attention to a video, but I do wonder what they’ll think of next; and I’m not sure it has people paying attention for the right reasons; I was personally so busy looking at the crews bodies to try to work out if they were actually naked that I didn’t actually pay proper attention to the safety content, which surely misses the point don’t you think?

For me the jury is out. I think that this would be an excellent strategy for an advertising campaign, but when safety is concerned I they might want to consider adopting a different strategy, one that doesn’t distract the audience from the actual message.


3 Responses to “Air New Zealand’s bare cheek when it comes to safety”

  1. It’s all good fun but I think they’re a bit tacky to be honest, when I’m travelling I like to think they take a serious approach to safetly lol.

  2. I thought it was good that at least they didn’t have the most distracting parts in frame, so one was not distracted by trying to see “details” lol I think its cute, and if it works to get people to even look at the video its better than them talking over it and not looking at all.

    I’ve seen some of their commercials with the body paint concept, very funny.

  3. I do think it is all a bit of fun and like anna said the distracting body parts are not in the actual video. The body art is amazing though, love the girls neck scarves, so well done!

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