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Living with a Pilot is frustrating when your career is not so hot.

Life is a mixed bag at the moment. I am getting fed up with work. I am self-employed, but this is something that wasn’t made clear to me until several weeks after I was taken on in the role. They led me to believe that it was an employed role with all the benefits thereof and even had me sign a non-competition contract to say that I would not work for any competitors of theirs for at least 2 years after my employment ceased… I questioned it at the time: asking for clarification of whether this would include redundancy in the terms (as that would seem grossly unfair, and I would not have signed). The HR guy informed me that the European High Court would not honour non-competition contracts in the event of termination or redundancy; so I signed… Well as far as I am concerned, that agreement has never come into force since I have never actually been ’employed’.

I have put up with the situation because the work was something I aspired to, the hours were extremely flexible and I could work from home.  I was not overjoyed, because it meant that I would not be entitled to holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay (not that I am planning any more, but you know what I mean), etc… However, the hours have always been consistent until recently.

At the end of November I was told that my hours would be reduced for December because the project I was working on was not performing (something I highlighted would be an issue over 2 months earlier). The sales guy was not generating the bottom line (something I predicted, and to be honest, not his fault, and certainly not mine).

I asked for clarification of how much my hours would be reduced by, and asked if there were perhaps any other projects that I could be re-assigned to… I was never given a specific answer, and was met with vague, wooly responses along the lines of, ‘I’ll get back to you when I’ve looked at the budgets’, ‘I need to discuss it with X first’ (no he didn’t he’s the CEO and sole owner of the business), and ‘I have something for you at the end of the week/next week’… I am now in my ninth week without a single piece of work, yet when I mention that I have been approached by another company I get told ‘We dont want to lose you Partner’.

This is bullshit. Who can manage to loose 1/6th of their annual income without notice at Christmas/January time?!  I have somehow coped, but I cannot do it for much longer without a serious impact on my lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that it’s depressing and demoralising.  I feel like I have lost a part of my identity, and I feel very disappointed that I have been treated with such a lack of respect and courtesy.

I am now actively looking for something else, ideally in the new media/marketing field, but I am honestly quite gutted to be doing so.  I have been extremely loyal to this company, despite their lack of loyalty to me and other staff like me who were led to believe they would be given contracts and employed work.

Bf is being sweet about it, he is now the sole bread-winner, and has offered to pay for things that I want/need in the mean time.  Last night, I ended up getting tearful because I hate not earning my own money and he even offered to employ me as a ‘house-keeper’ until I find something else so that I have an income (bless). I really do love that man, but I hope to God I find something fulfilling to do soon, because I have to confess that having a career forms a large part of my self-esteem, and living with a pilot who is lucky enough to be doing something he is extremely passionate about is quite frustrating when you feel like you’ve hit a career blip.

On a lighter note, I thought I’d leave you with this video.  It was sent to me by a friend who also works in the new media field and although funny, is scarily representative of quite a few of the cowboys out there in this sector!

(FYI some of the language in this video is definitely unsuitable for little ears)


7 Responses to “Living with a Pilot is frustrating when your career is not so hot.”

  1. I can totally empathise with you there! I am in a similar situation career wise and as I commented on the last post I have to admit to a bit of jealousy that my husband does a job that he enjoys so much whilst I do not have a clue what I will do when I finish this uni course! He is also our sole breadwinner at the moment, and whilst we’re managing ok because we don’t have a family yet obviously we would be able to afford a few more treats if I was working too. I think you would be good at marketing, have you tried looking soley in this field? I can understand you wanting to be at home whilst the children are young but if you’re not planning any more little ones, who knows what opportunities you will have when baby goes to school in a couple of years. You are bright and hard-working and I have no doubt that you will find something soon! Good luck

    • Thank you. I have considered working solely in this field. A large portion of what I currently do revolves around marketing, but I do not have the CIM qualification which makes it hard to go solely into that field. Who knows, maybe I should look at getting that… But then, if I was talking about re-qualifying, I think I’d prefer to do a course in journalistic writing instead.

      • That’s a shame, perhaps look at something such as the journalistic course… you may even be able to do this as well as another part-time job? Either way, I have no doubt that you’ll find something, I’m sure your recruitment experience will help you sell yourself 🙂

  2. Also the HR guy was right, the non-competition contract does not stand in court. I went through the process myself after leaving a company when I was offered a job with a competitor, they became very bitter and even sent letters to say that they were taking me to court and I would have to pay their legal costs!! I sought guidance from citizens advice and they said that they are not allowed to stop you from earning a living, therefore such contracts are not worth the paper they’re written on! Surfice to say I never heard anything more after their threatening letters!

    • very interesting! I used to work in recruitment, and a lot of the sales roles I used to fill used to insist that the successful candidate signed one; but to be honest-I think they are used more as a scare tactic.

  3. Yes absolutely! Ironically it is against the law for them to enforce this!

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