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A beautiful song I wanted to share

Sorry, this is a little off the wall, and nothing to do with aviation, my pilot, or me (other than I like it) but I still wanted to share it with you.

I just discovered a musician I really like. A Fine Frenzy… If you have never heard anything of hers before, listen to this track. It is the one that inspired me to seek hunt it down on the Internet, and it’s called Goodbye My Almost Lover and it’s a really beautiful song.  I saw her on CSI New York (she did a guest appearance as a musician named Nova Kent) and she is stunning too. Gosh if we were all as lucky to be as beautiful and gifted like that.

I’d love to know what the lyrics were inspired by.


2 Responses to “A beautiful song I wanted to share”

  1. thank 4 sharing dat beautiful song..

  2. what a gorgeous voice

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