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Happy New Decade!

So we’re in a new decade… Out of the Noughties and into the ten-teens. I can’t help wondering what the new decade will bring. I remember the turn of the millenium so well; mainly because I was so bloody miserable! I had a six month old baby, with a man I wasn’t happy with; we were broke, I had post natal depression, I hated the area we lived in and I was fat (well, I felt like I was).

How things change in 10 years. Now I have 3 children, and ex-husband that I dislike more than anyone else in the world, but a great Bf that I love more than I ever imagined I would love anyone, I am happy and I love the area we live in… We aren’t rich, but we also aren’t broke, and I am happy in the skin I am in… Life is good, and I feel it is on the up.  Also in the last decade, I have discovered 2 new cousins and have made some of the most amazing friends I know.

I have learned so much about life, values, people, and most of all about me. I have learned to listen to my instincts, to trust my gut, but to temper it with patience and not just make knee-jerk reactions. I have learned about my personal boundaries.  I have learned so much in the last year in particular I think.

Some of the main highlights of this decade for me were having my two babies, finding the courage to end my disastrous marriage, finding true love, and discovering who I was for the first time.  I was only just in my 20s at the turn of the century, and I can honestly say that I really didn’t have a clue who I was as a person. I was so wrapped up in routine: getting by, and just living day-to-day, that I never bothered to look in ward to discover myself or what my potential was.  That is a mistake I do not plan to make in the future.

Being in a relationship with a pilot has meant a good deal of time alone; which might be viewed badly by many, but for me, it has been a blessing. I have learned how much I like myself, how strong and independent I am, and most of all: who I am.

This last year has felt very empowering for me. I learned to say no. That might not sound like a positive thing, but it has been. There have been a few innocent victims of ‘No’ over the past 12 months (in much the same way as I am finding myself the victim of my toddler discovering the word, and using it fearlessly recently)  but on the whole, I have used it in ways that I am pleased with.

Things that I wish I could have done better with? I am not going to sit here wasting time with too many regrets. I have made some stupid mistakes, but I have learned from each and every one of them; and a mistake is probably worth making if we learn from it in my opinion.


7 Responses to “Happy New Decade!”

  1. I love this post.
    Sometimes we actually have to LEARN to be alone, and you know what, it is a very tricky thing for some of us. It has taken almost 4 years and sometimes I still struggle with saying to myself “I am going to enjoy my man-free-day tomorrow!” It is HARD but it is also EMPOWERING!

    You have reminded me to continue to work at this! Thanks! xo

  2. I think that is such a positive example of the way that life can change so much for the better.
    As you’ve said, sometimes the tough times that we go through in life are a learning experience and it can make us view things differently. It is sad that you were so down in your early twenties but good that you have managed to use it to have a positive affect in your life now, those who seem to have it easy won’t always learn this skill!
    I think you are a positive person and love reading the blog.
    It can be lonley when you have a partner who works away, when you’re feeling a bit low being alone is the last thing you often want and it can be hard to find the strength to discover yourself, partner has proved this can have good benefits. Good friends are important in this type of relationship, a friend told me of a site that may be of interest to some reading this blog who spend a lot of time alone –, it covers the Manchester area but there may be similar sites in other areas. I was worried it would be full of ‘weirdos’ but I went on a night out when I was at a loose end recently and as my friend promised I had a great laugh. Also joining a gym can help ease the boredom when friends are enjoying an evening with their 9-5 partner!

  3. Happy new year!! I wish you all the best in 2010!!

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