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100,000 HITS!!

So I just wanted to write a post to say THANK YOU very much to everyone who reads my Blog. I was staggered to see that I hit 100,000 hits on my stat counter yesterday! I installed the hit counter when I transferred my Blog over to the WordPress host in April 2008 after using Flyblog for almost a year.

When I first started my blog, I never really anticipated that there would be much interest from other people… Maybe the odd one or two, but certainly not anything like this, and I never really expected people to follow it, and ‘stat porn’ (as one blogger once referred it as to me) was never ever my motivation for writing.

Here is a map of where my readers are, and it blows me away every time I look at it!

I initially wrote it much more personally, and even considered not making it public, but the feedback and comments, and yes, even the stat counter has has been so rewarding that I am glad I made the choice to keep it open.

Thanks again 🙂


2 Responses to “100,000 HITS!!”

  1. Well done, that’s fab. Keep it going xx

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