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I love my pilot (even more)

So I was just Googling the term ‘I love my pilot’ and came up with a few things including Elsja’s Love My Pilot forum that I was actually looking for… Turns out it is now sadly off line due to inactivity, but will happily be back when there is more demand for it. I know that Elsja was particularly keen to seek Australian Pilot Wives for her site, so if that’s you feel free to post a comment on this blog if you would join, and I can see that she gets the message (I know that she also reads this blog).

The second site of interest was a cute blog by someone called Alexa called: Chris Alexa and Blair

Next, I found a site for aviation jewellery. I was slightly excited at the anticipation, but have to say, that the jewellery wasn’t really my cup of tea. This is a picture of the piece of jewellery that my search hit:

which reminds me a little bit of the Jim’ll Fix it badges that Jimmy Savill gave to the guests of his cheesy 80’s show ‘Jim’ll Fix It’…

They were tied around the lucky guest’s necks on a red ribbon.  What do you think? (click on his name for a look at the style icon himself)


I then found a link to an I Love My Pilot tee-shirt.

Now, I have posted about these before. I personally wouldn’t wear one, but at least some of them are cute, the one I hit today was like a potato sack, and was modelled by a man with hairy arms and a thick beard!

HAHAHA! HELLOOOOOOO?! ‘Know your market’!  I’m pretty certain that around 90% of pilots (at least), are men. Most of the pilots I know are straight, which would make the ‘pilot’s significant other’ population mostly FEMALE… I seriously don’t think that this site are going to sell many of these:

Blue Yonder Girl clearly have a much better idea of how to market and design such tee shirts.

I was also reminded of my own prior post of the same title, which cropped up on both this site and my old blog site hosted by Flyblog.

and then I found this… OMG! Do not watch this if you are easily offended. It is apparently a song that fighter pilots from the US sing. It is called I Love my wife:

Yyyyyyyyyyyah. Nice.

Underneath I note this comment by ‘Meadwolf’:

my father sang that song all the time! 🙂 he was a fighter pilot 492nd Lakenheath England THANKS! i am looking for the old songs to share with a friend who runs the airport!

I did chuckle when I read this comment by ineedcuervo, who must be a fighter pilot wife (I guess):

i bloody hope my BF does not sing this song about me!!!! i’ll kick his ass!! x

and since I was clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel with the search at that point, I decided to stop at that!

I have to end on the note that Bf has been amazingly attentive to me just recently. Our relationship seems the strongest that it has ever been.  I have noticed that we are sharing more cuddles, time and laughter together than ever before. So I have to say I absolutely ADORE my pilot, and I wouldn’t change him for any 9-5er, home-every-night guy on the planet!


2 Responses to “I love my pilot (even more)”

  1. Yeah! You posted something about “Blue Yonder Girl” that is my husband’s buddy’s wife’s company she started. I am sure she will be happy that someone mentioned and posted a link to her site on a pilot wife blog. Thanks!

    I think I posted her link on the FB group a while back when I posted a pick of my daughter Katie in a “future pilot” onesie and a “blue yonder girl” onesie 🙂

    • Yes, please tell her I thought her marketing was much better LOL! I think she might have a little chuckle at the ‘other’ product and marketing!

      For crying out loud, some of these companies must thing we are completely stupid!

      I must have a look at their other products. I saw the picture of your little girl wearing the onesie… Seriously cute!

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