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It’s nice to do nothing

I haven’t written much this month, because Bf has had the best roster ever. Only three flights! I say best. Clearly, he’ll earn less, and he wants to be flying more, but it’s not too worrying, since this time of year is always quiet for UK operators, following the summer season, but being prior to the Ski season and Winter Sun season pick’s up… Everyone is recovering from the summer holidays, Halloween and is getting ready for the build up to Christmas… November is always a bit of a lull.

Baby has now started pre-school… I guess I’ll have to stop referring to her as Baby, and start calling her stroppy 2 year old or something soon! HAHA! This morning she made me laugh… She plonked herself into Bf’s reclining arm chair in the living room, and announced “Ahh, it’s nice to sit and do nothing!” …Because clearly, the life of a 2 year old is so stressful at other times, right?

I am loving being a mummy so much at the moment. It’s so rewarding. The little gems that my daughter comes out with on an almost daily basis keep me laughing… I wish I could bottle them up and save them to play back whenever I felt the need to smile. My sons are also changing so much. My youngest is at Beaver Scouts and is so excited about all the badges he has earned, and his academic progress has just suddenly come on leaps and bounds, and my eldest is in his final year of primary school, and going to start senior school next September; which I am still struggling to come to terms with!

We are hoping to get me on a very exciting trip of Bf’s in January too… Please please please PLEEASE let me get on it! I’ll keep you updated if I do. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, since I was a little kid (so nowhere particularly cultural, lol!)


3 Responses to “It’s nice to do nothing”

  1. It’s great to hear things have been going well. I could use a dose of positivity so thanks for sharing. 🙂 Aren’t kids hilarious?

  2. Aww that’s a funny story. Can’t wait to have my own little ones! Great that you have been able to spend some time with bf. My husband has been fairly quite this month but seems to have picked up a few charters. I am doing my last year at Uni and seem to be doing a lot more hours than he is at the moment! How on earth did you manage your final year with a young baby! Tips please lol.
    Hope baby is enjoying her pre-school, they really do grow up so fast! Wow your son will feel very grown up when he starts secondary school I’m sure!
    Hope you get to go on your trip, my first guess on the location was Disney World but then I think that’s just because I am still a kid deep down xx

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