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Quick update

I could cry with relief. I have just had an appointment with my doctor, I am covered by the airline’s medical insurance and I now have a referral to see a private specialist.  My GP agreed that the consultant I saw sounds like he was not giving me the best service and agreed that his interpretation sounded as though it was based more on speculation over my medical history rather than factual evidence from the present.  I am holding out hope that I may be told that I wont need surgery after all.  I guess I should not get my hopes up too high, since I was referred because of genuine symptoms; but I am so pleased that I am going to get the treatment I deserve and not be messed around on waiting lists unecessarily.  I just have to hope now that the specialist doesn’t have a 2 week holiday booked or something!

My night out on Friday was a lot of fun. I met some really interesting people and cant wait to go out with my cousin and her friends again!  Hopefully my luck has taken a turn for the better.

Bf has been very much more supportive and caring recently too.  He has bought yeat another bloody radio controlled model, and joined yet another rc flying club, but he has agreed to stop giving up so much of our weekend time to this obsession (I no longer class it as a hobby).  This weekend he did insist on going to a model airshow (yes, seriously) but the weather was so gorgeous that I went along with him, as did his other pilot friend’s wife, and she and I had a lovely day sun bathing whilst the boys shopped around all of the trade stalls.

The only thing I am less happy with in my life right now is a new manager that I am dealing with, who seems to think that we are in primary school and that I am her 6 year old pupil.  I am just contemplating how to deal with the situation professionally and calmly, because I do not want to lose my rag and say something out of frustration!


One Response to “Quick update”

  1. I am pleased to hear that you are finally getting the help you need and deserve…You are in my prayers girl! Hang in there!!!!

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