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Airline Medical Perks

HAHA! I’m soo excited! My new fun cousin has just invited me to go on another girlie night out this weekend to a few very up market bars and clubs that she is the events manager for. I can’t wait! 🙂

On a bum note,  I rang the secretary at the hospital this morning to find that my appointment doesn’t appear to be pending! I hit the effing roof! She passed the buck onto appointments, who denied all knowledge and suggested I give them a call back later so that they could look into the matter… Long story short, they’ve just penciled me in for an appointment on July 18th-THREE WEEKS TIME!!!! I’ve been waiting two already, are they KIDDING?

First thing tomorrow (after my manicure) I am going to ring the private health people and get the wheels in motion Bf checked the airline health policy wording and it looks like I should be covered for pre-existing conditions! PHEW. I am sick of this NHS crap, and I thin it’s time I cashed in on one of the airline job perks, medical insurance. Just hope and pray that there isn’t some hidden exclusion that prohibits me ffrom receiving my treatment privately!

Any way, off to bed for me now. I need my beauty sleep or I’m going to be pooped tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Airline Medical Perks”

  1. This is exactly why I’m scared of nationalized healthcare in the US. Thank goodness you still have the option of private coverage. Best wishes for a clean bill of health.

    • In fairness I’d rather have the NHS there than not… It hasn’t been good for me on this occasion, but ordinarily I do think that it’s a good benefit for a nation, especially if you still have the option to go private.

      • There lies the rub. I know myself and others terribly afraid private insurance is going to be run out of business leaving us with no options. Goog, promtp healthcare is only going to be there for theose with the deep pockets to pay.

  2. I feel your plight. My appointment was for 3 weeks time and it took me 4 weeks to get it. I got a letter yesterday saying it had been cancelled and I would be contated within 3 weeks for another appointment!!!!

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