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ANOTHER Flying hobby, you have GOT to be kidding me!?

What a few weeks. I feel like I’m reeling. Still no diagnosis. I’ve complained to the consultant’s secretary, and will now have an appointment with the head consultant to get my second opinion, but I still haven’t had my appointment through!  I have never really listened to people when they whine and bitch about the NHS… I’ve always thought it was just hot air by people who don’t know any better, but I cannot believe I’ve just been left dangling with my abnormal scan result and no urgent follow up!

Tomorrow I will get back on the phone to the secretary and chase it up, and if they are vague I am going to attach the private health route… I’m sick of being sidelined!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest… I have partied more recently than ever (except perhaps my first year at university).   A combination of the need to get out of my head and a co-incidence that I’ve had several invites to various events.  I have been out for girly nights in the city more times in the past month than I have collectively probably in the last 10 years! I also went to a very fun garden party, hosted by one of a family member. I was able to catch up with lots of my family and even met cousins I didn’t know I had, one of whom was very very fun!

I learned that my great grandfather was a handsome and wealthy fellow who had somewhere between 13 and 22 children (depending on who tells the story). Some with his wife and some with the maid following his wife’s early death… I am uncertain as to whether I am a descendant of the maid or the wife; my first cousins say we are the wife, my second cousin swears we are the maid (and she is the wife!) HAHA! I don’t really care which one I descend from to be honest-they were both played as far as I’m concerned!   I certainly intend to stay in contact with my new cousin, she seems like a lot of fun!

I could have murdered Bf earlier today. He has been so sucked into his radio controlled helicopter and aeroplane model hobby. Anyone who reads my blog often will know this has been a source of some frustration to me for a while now, for a number of reasons mainly time and partially the cost!  Today, he received an email from one of his good pilot friends from his training days. This friend has recently transferred to our base from another one about 90 minutes flying time away (GUTTED-HAHA).

This guy is Bf’s main drinking partner. They never drink to be social, in fact if and when they get drunk it rarely is.  So… Back to the email. This friend emailed Bf today to ask if he’d like to go halves on a microlight. Bf casually mentioned this to me with a slight grin on his face, and my knee-jerk reaction was to hit the roof.  Instead, I remained calm and said nothing whilst I composed myself and my words to follow.  I first asked how much the microlight would cost, he replied probably a few thousand pounds.  Then I pointed out that it wouldn’t end there, because he’d need membership to a microlight club, insurance, probably a trailer and of course the bigger issue time.

I pointed out that as it is, his hobbies suck dry his spare time, and said that I didn’t think it would be fair to add yet another major time-sucking hobby into the equation. I suggested that if he wanted to take up this new hobby, that he relinquished his radio-controlled models. He chuckled… I think he had predicted my reaction, and I also think he knew that he was playing with fire to even suggest it!

He is working a mid-haul flight today, and wont be home until 3am.  I miss him though. He has made a much bigger effort to be supportive and considerate this week.  We had our will appointment yesterday. We still didn’t get our will made, but not because of any disagreements on the contents… I had absolutely no idea just how complicated these documents were to make. Not only do we need to get our property transferred to ‘tenancy in common’ status rather than joint owned (as this means that we can each guarantee that our share of the property is treated how we wish in death rather than passing straight to the other without any conditions as to provisions for where it goes thereafter).

But apparently the situation is more complicated because we are not married and because I have children from a previous relationship we need to have ‘trust’ provisions made that make it obligatory for my sons to inherit. It’s actually mind boggling, and predictably more expensive than standard wills! It sounds so cold and calculated, but the health scare has made me realise that we need to be pragmatic and make a will…  It’s not that we don’t trust one other, but we have both agreed that it would remove a great deal of stress from our situation if everything to do with our wishes and the children is spelled out in black and white, and not left open to interpretation by anyone.


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  1. My brother would really appreciate this blog post. We were not too long ago discussing about this. lol

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