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(s)-crewing have stolen my bloody birthday-and I’ll cry if I want to!

Thanks a bloody heap crewing-you know who you are!

It’s my birthday coming up. Crewing know that Bf booked it off for a reason, because he’s had it booked off in a special block for aaaaaages.

They rang him and offered him over-time that we just couldn’t refuse financially. Believe me, I wanted to ask Bf to tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, but we badly need the money right now for our building work!

So not only can Bf not afford to buy me a present, or take me out to celebrate, but now I won’t even be graced with his company all day. He’s due to land at 5:30pm, so I’m just hoping that his flight is without delays, or it will screw up my night too! GRRRRRRRRR! 

I know I should be sensible and grown up about this stuff, and I know that this shit happens when the love of your life is a pilot, AND I’m probably past an age where I shouldn’t give a shit about birthdays any way, but I am quietly and privately seething about it!  I feel it is my right to feel like a sour puss right now, even if I do it quietly.


24 Responses to “(s)-crewing have stolen my bloody birthday-and I’ll cry if I want to!”

  1. Oh no!! I feel for you, I really do 😦 I am in exactly the same boat next month. He’s on a nice 5 day trip to right over my birthday weekend and there’s no chance of me joining him on the trip 😦
    Summer is s**t!! Fact!

    • Awwww, that’s sucks! Why can’t you go too?!

      I am rather hoping to join Bf on a trip of his next month, but don’t know whether it will be possible yet.

  2. That sucks. hopefully he will take a little chunk out of that extra $ and buy you something purrrty!

    PS make back up plans ;-P

    • Actually, he did say I could have some of his overtime payment to go shopping and treat myself to something, but in all hoesty-he’s doing overtime because we NEED the money for other things. I told him not to worry.

  3. You have ever right in the world to A) LOVE YOUR BIRTHDAY in general…I myself feel my birthday should be a national holiday, after all it is my birthday. B) be angry that he can’t be there even though you understand why he can’t be…it happens to us pilot girlfriends all the time!!!!

    GRRR to crew scheduling!…I’m not a fan of them right now either!

    • Ahhh, thanks KJ. I’m glad that I’m not the ownly adult who still feels this way about my birthday!

  4. You can and you shouldn’t feel bad!! Mine missed my birthday last year and it sucked!!! My birthday is next month and I’m keeping my fingers crossed he is home. He’s missed mother’s day 2 years in a row! Like you said, I guess we can expect this with our partners jobs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be upset about it! Here’s to hoping he has no delays!! Happy Birthday!

    • Thanks Rachel. If he’s delayed, I will personally make it my mission to hunt down the crewing member that called him and sack her birthday plans too! Hehe

  5. OOOo I’m feeling you this week! BF’s leave roster was just published for the next year. He requested time off around July, December and said “any other time on top of that.” They are being forced to have all 6 of their leave weeks allocated NOW for the entire next year. Well, they didn’t give him ANY of his requested time off. The earliest days off they gave him are in MARCH 2010!! That’s like a whole year away!!! NOt 1 vacation day for a whole year when he has 6 weeks that they can allocate him? SOOO annoyed. That means it will be a year and a half from the time we went on our last holiday before we can go on another. Seriously, isn’t one of the perks of dating a pilot that we get to travel a lot?

    I hope you somehow have a great bday anyways. Can you go visit your parents and get spoiled by all your mom’s cooking again? 🙂

  6. I do trust that on this special day you will continue to have those you love close to you, be it in spirit, if not person. To me, you dont look more than 25. You are only as old as you feel. Best wishes for the special day. Remember to treat you to that special present despite building works, you deserve it afterall.

  7. Oh I am so w/ you! My bday was last week. Perhaps I’m of an age where bdays don’t matter much anymore, but I still love my bday. Its nice to feel special and cherished if only for one day of the year. My husband was gone for my birthday and on top of that we weren’t getting along too swimmingly, either. Needless to say I was away from my man and got nary a “happy birthday” on the special day. I felt anything but special or cherished.

  8. Can you please change my object, last time you gave me some horrible thing with claws, and I dont have them, honest.

    I have been reading the blog for a bit and enjoyed it very, very much. I thought at first that it may have been boring, but far from it. I empathise with you over so many aspects that you have mentioned, especially your PC frustrations. I do trust that you were lent something half decent though as you had no PC.

    I am curious though, and I was wondering if you would help me clarify it either way. Were you a child that was, i suspect, spoiled at birthdays and even probably Christmas. Did you also get home made cakes from the excellent mum chef you mention? Are you still to this day?

    I do trust you get your building work done for your birthday though.

    Always remember, that the love of the family is the best present you can have.

    • Lol! Peter, those character’s are randomly assigned. You can set up a free account with WordPress and upload your own avatar though.

      It was either unique creatures or unique patterns. I preferred faces.

      I did get lovely home made cakesbut I dot think I was spoiled more than any other kid in the neighborhood.

      I am not particularly materialistic in life, and Bf’s parting words to me on the eve of my birthday were

      “I’ve left you a card and some spending money to go shopping with. Spoil yourself and don’t feel guilty about it-you never spend money on yourself.”

      I’m intruiged as to why you drew that conclusion-do I come off as a spoiled brat?

    • Oh, and unfortunately the work isn’t going to be comete for a while yet-hey ho!

      Like you say, as long as I have the love of my family, that’s really all that counts!

      • I am purely putting one and one together, and perhaps I may be making 4 in regards to you being spoilt.

        If you wish to chat privately, at anytime, you have my msn handle, just add me. I am a great listener, despite being only 40 as I write this.

        Keep up the good work with the blog, and I do trust you are back and working on the blog and posting more about you.

        • Hahahahaha! You cheeky so-and-so! I’m only in my early 30’s! AND I could only WISH I was spoilt! Though I do consider myself content on the whole…

          Actually, although I have been blessed with some wonderful opportunities in life, including a great education; I would hope to think I am well grounded and not blasé about how fortunate I am to be reasonably happy and healthy my family and I are, we really don’t want for much.

          Actually, I do feel rather spoilt just now-I have such wonderful family and friends who are very good to me.

          Catch you soon… Are you also a pilot by the way Peter??

  9. Hi,

    Well, how to describe Peter, a jack of all trades I suppose is best. A business adviser, a book-keeper, but alas never did go to Uni and take those exams, so not the Accountant, but with almost 25 yrs experience I know a lot. I am self-employed with 16 yrs of doing that, with all those hang-ups of long days and nights and with some very, very bad eating habits. I work between Ireland and UK, so am flying every few weeks. I never did marry, and dont really intend to do so, if I am honest. I suppose my marriage is my work.

    I am currently helping a very good friend with a business adventure. I do so much hope and pray that it will work for them. I have often felt that you need to help those that you know.

    I am far better at helping people, than I am myself. I am also normally a very good judge of character.

    Mind you, I am crap at sending Birthday Cards out, as I sit and type this and look at my brothers card that I must post when I can. Alas, I am in UK on June 2, so will no doubt post it then as he is away until 7 June.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to next section.

    • Hmmm… Interesting. I’m intrigued to know what drew your attention to my blog in the first place?!

      • Hmmmm…… Well, lets just say a very good friend said have a look. I did, and I keep on looking for next update every day.

  10. I empathise with you, I celebrated the first 2 birthdays I had in my pilot relationship without him due to training. Gutted!! I hope you had a nice time in the end and he got back home in time.

    • Poor you! Thankfully, someone was smiling down on us, his flight was changed for one that landed back at our own base, so thankfully, once he’d slept off the night flight tiredness-we were able to spend the late afternoon and evening together in the end 😀

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