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I blame Headaches and PC World for my poor blogging!

Sorry I’ve been lame. I am a baaaaaaad blogger at the moment. The truth of the matter is that my laptop is broken and PC world where I bought it are being bloody terrible! Their after sales care is horrendous. Their internal communications is dire and basically nobody will get back to me about where it is or how long they will take to fix it. They were supposed to have it for a week or two, but have had it for 7 weeks now!!!  I found this great logo though, so I guess I’m not lone in feeling this way! LOL!

They have said I could have a new one because I quoted the ’28 day rule’, but I don’t want a new one. I have software on that lap top that I cannot replace! Plus I cant even get that same laptop any more-and I like that one!

So I’m restricted to using Bf’s one, which is basically a brontosaurus that takes at least a minute to load a page that mine would take a few seconds to open. It also likes to crash at the drop of a hat.

I am reliant on using this laptop whenever Bf can spare it to me, and normally I have to prioritise that time for work use.  Add to this that I have had a splitting headache for the past 6 days now, and to be honest, I can’t be bothered to sit in front of a screen.

I went to the doctor about it on Friday, and he prescribed me Dihidrocodeine, because my migraine tablets were not helping and neither were anti-inflammatories. Any way, these tablets have pretty much knocked me out, they’re basically codeine with a muscle relaxant, since he things that my headaches are related to muscle spasm.  They’re sending me to sleep during the day, but don’t do much to help tackle the pain at night.  I didn’t even get of bed on Sunday because it was so bad!

I finally went back to the doctors today, because I was unable to face working, and he’s prescribed me something else for the night called Amitriptyline, which they apparently used to prescribe as an antidepressant years ago, but is now used more for pain relief of spasmodic pain. He suggested only taking them at night since they will knock me out a lot more than the others (great).

I just hope it does the job. I am fed up.  Before I first started getting headaches (during my second pregnancy) I had no patience for people that suffered with migraines. I used to thing that it was just a really lame excuse to take a few days off work without a genuine reason.  Since I have suffered with these crushing, debilitating headaches that feel like someone is trying to chisel my head open using the force of a pneumatic drill, I have gained a LOT of sympathy!

I have been scared about taking the pain killers tonight in case they knock me out and I fail to be responsive if the kids need me. Bf is flying, but thankfully he gets home at 3am tonight, so I have left it as late as I can. The kids are all in bed, I have taken the tablets, and I can feel the muzziness creeping over me. I’m going to have to go and lie down and give into it I think


3 Responses to “I blame Headaches and PC World for my poor blogging!”

  1. Something to look into – one of the ‘side effects’ of Botox injections in the forehead was a deadening of the nerves that cause migraines. There’s a (non-plastic) procedure for it, for those with chronic migraines. Worth talking to your doctor about, and be careful with the pain meds – not good longterm.

    • Thanks for the hint, but being severly needle phobic: I personally am never likely to suffer side-efects of something that would require me to vountarily alow someone to inject poison into my forehead. Lol!

    • Woopsie! I see I got the wrong end of the stick (after reading your comment again). You were suggesting it as a possible cure.

      Unfortunately this isn’t a migraine. The doctor thinks it’s a severe headache caused by muscle spasm, and the symptoms are quite different.

      Interesting theory though!

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