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Standby SUCKS!

Life is a funny mixed up bag you know.  Bf is away on a trip that we had originally hoped would be a family holiday. Swine flu seems to have scuppered that little plan. A shortage of holidays available means that there are no free seats left for us 😦

It sucks not to be a proper passenger. I hate the stress involved with late staff travel perks.  Still, depite that, we managed to have a nice bank holiday weekend. My boys were both away on an organised scouting camp, so we went out for a meal at a nearby pub that night.  

The boys had been due to go to my idiot-ex for the remainder of their long weekend. However, because I am no longer going away on this trip, he could not leave the boys with my parents at the end of the weekend (mum was going to bring them home, and look after them for the remainder of our trip, since they have school to attend).  This would have been a shorter journey for him.

He sent me an email the other day telling me that as a result of the extra trip to mine, he would not have them because he did not want to spend a little over 2 hours (total) in the car to have them for 36 hours. The boys were naturally disappointed, and I told my ex exactly what I thought of him for letting them down.

He requested that I get them to ring him when they got back, no doubt to feed them some pathetic, fake, sugar-coated BS excuse to try and mask the fact that he actually couldn’t be bothered to come and get them.

BINGO!  So I could hear him being sickly-syrupy sweet (fake), and saying to my 6 year old,

‘You understand don’t you my little sweetie?’ (ugh-he makes my skin crawl so much!) 

What is a six year old supposed to say to that? So of course he gave my ex his verbal nod. Thankfully, my 10 year old inherited his BS sensor from me, and when the lying rat asked my 10 year old, he replied

‘No Daddy, I don’t understand’ (hahahaha!) My ex tried to squirm his way into my son’s affections, but I could sense the distrust in son’s voice when he repeated himself a minute later.  I heard my ex’s tone change, clearly frustrated. Thankfully my eldest said, ‘Okay Daddy, well, I love you too-see you next week.’

It sounds horrible to feel smug about this, I don’t want my children to be disappouinted by their father, but I am glad that he will hear it from them, and not from me for a change. Despite the fact that I left HIM, not vice-versa, he always paints me to be a needy, whiny ex when I get hacked off with his inconsistency. 

I think it will have way more impact on him this way. Although I could be wrong! No doubt he’ll rationalise it some how (he’s never ever wrong you know)… He likely put the phone down whilst already imagining some scenario where I sat here poisoning their minds against him.  I don’t really care what he thinks  to be honst. I just hope that he won’t be so quick to over promise and under deliver to them again in the future.

Any how, I decided that the boys and I needed cheering up after our disappointments.  I certainly didn’t want to be sat here moping and letting myself get into a negative cycle of thinking that would fester into something miserable.  Plus,-I had set aside some money for this trip, so I decided to be a bit naughty.

I  let the boys have a cheeky day off school (something I NEVER do). I took them into the Capital city, and we went for an open top bus tour, followed by lunch in the Rainforest Cafe and a visit to Ripleys Believe it or Not.  I have to say, it was JUST what the doctor ordered!  We had such a great time, and the kids and Iwore huge wide smiles all day 😀


5 Responses to “Standby SUCKS!”

  1. Oh Dear, I am sorry to hear about your flight! That is rubbish, it must be so strange to not definately know that you are going until the last minute!
    You are such a cool mum though, I bet that is one memory the boys will keep for the rest of their lives. ‘Oh remember that day that mum let us off school and we….’. It is made especially more naughty by the fact that they know it is a one off occurence!

    • Ahh. Thanks May. It is a little bit strange, but I’m getting more and more used to the uncertainty. I have got to a point where I look forward to these things very modestly! Thanks too for your words about the kids. I think they really enjoyed it.

      It would be nice if you are right about the memory thing-it would be nice if they remember more happy things like that than the crappy things like disappointments. I’d rather like to ‘condition them’ into a naturally positive mental attitude approach to life.

  2. Glad you had a great day you all really deserved it! May is right it will a special memory for the boys and I am sure they had a ball and felt very special! I wish my mum had done that, you are very cool! Aside from the day out though I am sure they feel very loved by their mum and they will always have you know matter what! It is sad that they were fobbed of by their dad but they are obviously smart kids and won’t take poor excuses for long.
    Too bad about the holiday but I am sure that you will be able to hop on one of bf’s flights again soon and have your holiday xxx

  3. Glad to hear you turned something so negative into a lovely day out for the boys. Was your little girl with you all too?
    Sorry to hear you missed out on your trip though, that’s gotta suck.

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