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Spending Easter being pampered by my mum!

So, Bf is on ANOTHER long-haul trip. He left on Wednesday and gets back on Monday-that’ll be the whole of Easter then! He has not yet spent one Easter with our daughter! Oh well, I guess you have to accept that these holidays cannot necessarily be enjoyed with your loved one when they are a pilot, or anyone in the aviation industry for that matter.  I’m still hoping and praying that he gets Christmas off-as that one is rather sacred to me.  Still, rather than mope around at home, I decided to pack up the kids and travel the 5 hour journey to visit my parents. I’m glad I have too… It was just what the doctor ordered.

My parents live in rural France and you could literally spend 3 days here without hearing any traffic unless you drove to the nearby town. They have a wonderful old house that used to belong to the Taittinger champagne family. That statement implies that it might be a very grand house, but actually it is a simple timber framed building bursting with character; and it’s a complete health and safety hazard!

The French aren’t exactly known for being the tallest nation of people on earth, but they were clearly ever shorter back in 18th century when the property was being built.  I cant tell you how many times I’ve almost knocked myself out on the low beams that hang in the most unlikely places!  I often wonder how much cranial DNA must be embedded into the most dangerous beams-I swear I’ll knock myself out cold here one day!

That said, I never relax quite as much anywhere else as I do here.  I have real difficulty getting to sleep at night when I’m home if Bf’s away. Here though I could compete against a chronic narcoleptic for the sleep record! I think the design of the bedrooms helps. The upstairs of  the house is in the roof itself, so the walls slope into a point in the centre. As a result, the windows have to be a Velux design… My parents have total blackout blinds that slide down, blocking out any trace of daylight. As a result Baby and I slept in until almost midday today!!!!!

Not only that but I seem to drift off into a restful sleep here. It’s weird. Maybe it’s concussion induced? Haha! I even came back to bed for an afternoon nap with Baby for 2 hours this afternoon! Mum and Dad often entertain and host guests, and all their guests seem to experience the same restful ability to sleep.  Maybe it’s the air quality too. Their home is set in a three acre garden that resembles an orchard. They have a wide array of fruit and nut trees, including cherry trees, apple trees, plum trees, walnut trees and hazelnut trees. It’s really quite enchanting.  As I got downstairs I could smell the scent of the blossom wafting in through the open windows and hear my boys laughing as they played cricket outside.

Dad is very green fingered, his mother used to run her own business, a plant nursery, and he grew up surrounded by land, and picked up her knowledge of how to nurture all things green.  He’s even turned what we used to call ‘the secret garden (because it was so separate from the rest of their plot of land) into a vegetable garden, and is growing all their vegetables himself now.  He also made this really cool huge herb wheel with separate sections for each herb so that my mum could grow all her own herbs too!

To add to my pampered feeling, mum has spoiled us rotten with her culinary skills. We had a buffet lunch with a selection of French cheeses including  racquelette (which you cook-yummy), pate, ham, saussison, fresh anchovies (the non-salty variety), french bread, salad, a gorgeous tomato salad (that she makes with olive oil, pesto, onion and fresh basil), vegetable salad, pickles and chutney.  I ate so much that I have no idea how I also managed to eat the chicken Fricassée and apple tart that she made for supper! She cooked the most amazing courgette (zucchini) that I have ever eaten too (she cuts it into shavings with a potato peeler (leaving out the watery seedy part in the middle) and frys off the shavings in a little oil with Brittany butter (that contains salt crystals) and garlic-and it is sooooooo good that I could have eaten a plate of that alone)!  I will probably go home 10lbs heavier than I arrived, especially after Easter!


8 Responses to “Spending Easter being pampered by my mum!”

  1. Wow! Can I go to your mum’s?!?! Sounds like a very realaxing retreat to go to! What neat memories your children will have of their grandparents home!! Have a Happy Easter!

    • I know. I’m turning into such a sloth! It’s midday (local) and I only just woke up-baby too!!!!

      Time for some toasted French bread and brittany butter with marmite I think (I will have missed my dad’s famous gluttonous breakfast fry up-but that’s probably a good thing for my hips)

  2. Sounds just what the doctor ordered! Can I come too? Haha

    Hope you have a great time and enjoy being pampered – sounds like you deserve it lately and though it’s a shame bf couldn’t spend easter with you at least you will be having a break at the same time rather than sat at home jealous!

    Food sounds gorgeous! Have a good weekend x

    • Thanks Debs, It is lovely, I love listening to the kids playing in the garden! It’s heaven to be able to chill. My parent’s neighbours, Jeanu and Cri-cris are coming over in a minute, so I’m going to have to practice my rusty Francais whilst I make polite chit-chat. THAT I could do without, but I guess it’ll be good for me to use my French rather than forget it completely. I actually used to be fluent, but I’ve allowed it to slip away over the years! Oh well, I’ll have a nice nap afterwards as a reward! HAHA

  3. Hey partner,
    Good to hear that you’re having a good time. You deserve the pampering every now and then. It’s lovely to visit family cos the kids will enjoy spending time with grandma and grandpa. You get to chill!

    My in laws come and visit quite often which is really nice cos the kids have such a wonderful relationship with them. My parents have passed on and I won’t want my children to miss out on this special relationship so even though my MIL can be quite a difficult woman.. I tolerate it for the sake of the husband and kids. She helps babysit the kids when I go on vacation or dates with DH so it’s ok. : ) I can live with that.

    • Hey thanks Hour Glass,

      I think I may need to be rolled out of the grounds of my parents house like a ball. Mum just cooked roast duck with a port and orangee gravy and I we ate home made profiterols filled with home made boozy iced cream and topped with hot chocolate fudge sauce.

      I actually think I might burst!

  4. What a WONDERFUL Easter. I spent mine cleaning my apartment. Not quite as relaxing and yummy as yours! I’m hungry just reading your post!

    • Hmm, I thought it was great too until I stepped on the scales today and realised that I gained 6lbs this past week! YIKES

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