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Pam Ann Vs Virgin Atlantic


I just found something that made me laugh sooooo hard that I almost electrocuted myself as I sprayed my laptop with the glass of water I had been drinking!

Remember this post where I bitched about the new Virgin ad? 

FYI here is the offending advert (please watch it if you’ve not yet seen it, or the funniness of Pam Ann’s wont quite have the same impact):

Well, Pam Ann, bless her funny cotton socks, has restored some balance to the world of Aviation sexism with this laugh out loud video teaser for her new show. The video is simply called ‘Pam Ann Vs Virgin Atlantic’

That’s the best damn laugh I’ve had in AGES!  I just LOVE it! Well done Pam Ann, you’re my hero! 🙂

Here are Pam Ann’s tips on ‘How to pull an air hostess’  LOVE IT!

you’ll have to follow this link, since I had problems embedding it: How to pull an air hostess

and I’m guessing that her opinion of the Virgin hostie stereotype is the same as Richard Branson’s desired vision, if this is anything to go by… TOO FUNNY!  I can’t find a version with the sound, but i’t a pastiche of a Marks & Spencer advert, with an ‘air hostess twist’. It was aired on tv here about a year or so back, and annoyed the hell out of me-so it gets my vote!


2 Responses to “Pam Ann Vs Virgin Atlantic”

  1. love it! Hahaha

  2. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I love it!!!!! 🙂

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