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Whilst the pilot’s away, his better half had a great day!

Bf is away for a week long trip in the tropics. The weather has not been great where he is, and he has been bored stiff.  I in the mean time have had a fab time!  On Friday, my manager asked me to attend a meeting today. It had been planned some time, but I had said I wold not be able to attend owing to my lack of child care for Baby (with Bf being away). He apparently forgot I had said this, and had planned for me to present a talk on corporate blogging.

I managed to arrange for my mum to look after the kids for the day, and agreed to go. I hadn’t wanted to miss out on the meeting any way any way-I am so glad I did go! It was a pain in the back side having to throw my presentation together in such a hurry, especially since PowerPoint on Vista is so vastly different to how I have been used to using it on other operating systems.  I ended up staying up until 2:30am last night finishing off the final touches to the presentation, and printing off handouts!

So, with only four and a half hours sleep under my belt, I got up and headed into London for the meeting. It was in a chocolate cafe in Knightsbridge; which I must admit, I had reservations about prior to going. It was however a great venue, and I was pleased with how the presentation was received considering the time I’d had to prepare.

It was great to see the new faces of new recruits (one of whom is only a stones throw from where I live), and to get to know another co-worker a little better.  I came away with chocolates containing geranium, lavender, rose and violets (I love floral chocolates!)

I feel absolutely incapable of keeping my eyes open another moment!  Thankfully, my wonderful mum had already fed the kids when I got home, and I was free to collapse into a heap on the sofa.  Bf had thoughtfully sent me a text asking how my presentation went, and saying he missed me, and would love to hear about my day. I rang him, and we had a great chat. It was nice to have something enthusiastic of my own to talk about.

He asked if I would be up for a chat later, and I told him that honestly-I just wanted to crash, but that he was free to call me, and I could wake long enough to have a brief chat.  He is thoroughly bored on this trip. The hotel is apparently a change from his usual one at that destination, and full of drunken ‘chavs’.  The weather, whilst warm, is overcast and rainy, and most of the crew have spent their days in their rooms catching up on sleep. Bf is bored out of his box, and has spent the day watching films on the ipod I bought him, and junk on the television-oh the glamour of it!

So I am going to bed now. It’s not even 8pm, but I am ready to crash and burn!


2 Responses to “Whilst the pilot’s away, his better half had a great day!”

  1. Aww a bet you had a wry smile to know that bf was bored whilst you are at home doing all the day to day things! Glad the meeting went well even if it was a little stressful preparing for it! Bet it was good for the shoe to be on the other foot having exciting things to tell bf about your career and I’m sure it will have got you a few brownie points at work 🙂

  2. Congrats on giving a successful presentation. Sounds like you did have a great day!

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