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March madness

Ugh. March sucks! Or maybe should I say, March WILL suck!  I can deal with Bf doing long-haul, but they’re riding him like a pony this month! He’s away from tomorrow for best part of a week, then home for six days, then off for almost a week, then off for a week, then of for four days, back three and off for five days again!  He didn’t even WANT to be away this month! 

I wouldn’t mind, except that we’ve got SO much to do to the house right now; we’re in the middle of a kitchen re-fit, and are just about to have a utility room knocked through from the back of our garage.  It’s March, and it’s freezing, because we’ve had to take out some of our existing radiators; so until we have our new heating system put in, we’re stuck with wearing extra jumpers until the plumbers install a new heating system… We still haven’t fixed a date for this yet, and with another knock through, it’s not going to feel any warmer! 

So it’s all going to fall to ‘Muggins’ here to keep things together here, whilst looking after three children, holding down two jobs of my own AND I am having to miss out on a ton of things because of him being away (including a work meeting in the city that I really wanted to attend, because he wont be here to have Baby). 

I hate the fact that by the end of Mach I’m going to be tired, frazzled and frozen, whilst he’ll have the deepest tan he’s had in his life and it’s all in the name of ‘work’.

So, erm… JEALOUS?!

Yes I bloody am this month!  I wish I could escape the chaos that will be my life, for the sunshine, restaurants meals and tranquility that will be his.


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