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Want to spend a penny? Ryanair will charge you a pound!

February 27, 2009

Oh my goodness! I HAD to blog. I just read the most insane news story on Yahoo news.  Budget airline, Ryaniair’s Chief Excecutive Michael O’Leary told BBC television on Friday: “One thing we have looked at in the past and are looking at again is the possibility of maybe putting a coin slot on the […]

Last Rites

February 26, 2009

I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ve just been so busy.  My 87 year old grandma slipped and fell last week as she stepped out of the bath. Thankfully, my aunt was visiting her from Spain and was there to hear her screams of pain-otherwise she would likely have lay there in agony until my dad’s […]

Hands off my Pilot, HO!

February 23, 2009

UGH!  I NEED TO VENT! Bf just rang to say goodnight… Some hostie (from a different UK airline also staying in the same hotel as his crew are), who will here on in be referred to as: ‘the cheap ho’ just tried it on with him… So, naturally, he told her about me and Baby, as a […]

March madness

February 20, 2009

Ugh. March sucks! Or maybe should I say, March WILL suck!  I can deal with Bf doing long-haul, but they’re riding him like a pony this month! He’s away from tomorrow for best part of a week, then home for six days, then off for almost a week, then off for a week, then of for four days, back three […]


February 4, 2009

So Bf’s flight is already delayed by 6 hours; it’s not lookig so good for our 5 year anniversary dinner reservation.  I feel ill, and right now I am cursing his sodding job.

Skype is a gift from God in a ‘pilot relationship’!

February 4, 2009

Well, today wasn’t too bad. I didn’t even attempt to go to bed until about 3:30am, whenBf Skype’d me after he got back from eating. I had taken my laptop up to bed with me and we talked on web-cam for about twenty minutes.  He suggested I go to sleep, as he knew how late it was, but I […]

Come Home, I miss you…

February 2, 2009

Well, I was just watching music on the the television, and Home started to play, by Westlife…  I had never seen the video before and I’m not too ashamed to say that it made me cry like a baby!  I cannot remember the last time I missed Bf  THIS much!  Here is the video. The video sections that […]

Breaking the airline pilot stereotype, dispelling the myth.

February 1, 2009

Well, Bf has left today. He was supposed to leave yesterday, to stay at a hotel elsewhere in the UK (far away); so that he could fly today from there.  Thankfully, they transferred him to a flight going to the same destination from his base airport instead.  I’m really going to miss him more than usual […]