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Strange dreams.

Well, I was all prepared for a night alone. Bf was called out to do some over-time, then crewing called and said the flight had been delayed by four hours. Not bad, as it meant that he could spend the afternoon with us.  After lunch, we got a few extra hours sleep (me too, since I was still feeling grotty after last night out with the girls).  Then, he went off to work at about 5pm, leaving Baby and I to share a girls night in; since the boys are also away this weekend.

At 8pm, I got a call from Bf, saying that they still hadn’t taken off, and that if they hadn’t taken off within the hour, that the whole crew would run out of hours to do the full flight. Which would wither mean that they’d need to over night on the continent, or they’d be replaced with a fresh crew. I was seriously hacked off with the prospect of losing our entire weekend off together, so hoped for the latter.

At 9pm I rang him, and he told me that they had managed to find another crew. Good news for us of course. He’ll still get his overtime payment, and he was only at work for 4 hours.  Although, it does leave you feeling gutted for the airline.  Bf was already part of an overtime replacement crew, and because they also ran out of hours, that crew also had to be replaced! That particular flight has to have run at a severe loss!

It just leaves you hoping that the airline can recoup their loss and make up for it elsewhere.  We run on the assumption that they build this margin for error into their on-costs, but at times like these, it must be hard to swallow.

Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk or losing sleep over this. Bf’s airline generally seem pretty buoyant, and the general feeling seems to be that it will survive the credit crunch shock wave.

On a personal note… I had a very strange nightmare last night. Bf and I were going to stay in a hotel in Paris with Baby. The hotel was a sky scraper with a glass front and a lift that ran up inside the glass front.  As we were going up inside the lift to what must have been the top floor, I started to suffer with vertigo.  Then I realised that the lift only had one wall, and that if you went too close to the edge of the elevator, you could easily fall off.

Bf was completely fearless, but I clung to the edge. I started to feel sick with fear, and was panicking that Baby would fall off, since she also showed a complete lack of fear, but hers was coupled with a distinct toddler clumsiness and lack of spatial awareness.  Bf seemed oblivious to the danger she was in, and I was frozen with fear. I visualised Baby falling to her death over and over, and the lift appeared to take hours to reach the top floor.

I asked Bf why this was, and he said that the hotel was the tallest building in the world, 2 miles high! When we reached the top floor, the door opened, and we had arrived ‘in’ our room. The doors opened directly into the penthouse suite; but instead of an opulent or luxurious hotel suite, we were greeted by a shabby poky little room with about 6 double beds crammed into it. Each bed (bar one at the far end of the room) had couples already in them ‘making out’ and I felt completely disgusted that the hotel had put us in here.

We tried to call the lift back, but it had disappeared. It seemed that this crazy hotel only had 2 lifts, and we waited for hours for the lift to return. When we did get in, we had a similarly terrifying journey down. I ended up pasted to the only wall of the lift with my eyes closed and a terrible sick feeling. Bf was holding Baby’s hand, but when I opened my eyes, it was just in time to see Baby slip off the edge and fall to her death!

That was it. I woke up. I don’t know what happened next, and I don’t want to!

How odd is that?! I’ve never had a dream like it. I don’t have a fear of lifts or heights, so the whole dream is bizarre. I can only assume that I had it because I was a bit tipsy when I went to bed; although I have to confess to having had a few vivid and strange nightmares recently. 

If anyone feels they’d like to interpret my dream, please feel free. I’m not sure I buy into the whole interpreting dreams thing, but it’s very interesting all the same.


2 Responses to “Strange dreams.”

  1. I HATE dreams like that. Someone once said that dreams are merely an expression of our hopes in fears. A natural fear of any mother would be the loss of their child.

    I suggest that the next time you take the stairs.

    Thanks for dropping in on the blog Partner.

    Stay Tooned!!


  2. So sorry you had such a horrible nightmare! A mother’s worse fear…
    I can’t even pretend to know what it means. Chalking it up to the toddies works!

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