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Comical Aviation Videos

I just found these videos after a bit of hunting that resulted from my last post, and it’s various comments; so I thought I’d share. They actually made me laugh out loud!

Firstly, following from the last post, I was trying to find examples of adverts by Ecstasky Air (‘the worlds first lingerie airline’, and hopefully the last, since they went bust) and Hooters Air (also now bankrupt). I could find neither, but did find this which made me smile

I also happened accross this one, which isn’t related to my last post, but made me laugh out loud any way!

and this one, which I’m not terribly sure what to make of!?

It’s title is simply ‘Drunken Pilot’



3 Responses to “Comical Aviation Videos”

  1. That second one made me laugh out loud, too! P-O-R…

  2. OMG that last one of the pilot puking was absolutely hysterical! Nice one, for sure, gives me faith in the aviation industry.

  3. Hehe, In all honesty, he doesn’t actually look drunk to me. He probably had a bug, and wasn’t looking where he was going when he tripped… But that said, he should have called in sick. He wasn’t fit to be in command of a plane in that state

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