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From my pilot’s tropical paradise, it’s back to reality with a thud (I hate builders).

I  officially hate our builders… Not the neighbour ones, I feel too embarrassed to feel anything else about them, and actually, they’re always pleasant.  

No, I’m referring to the other ones that we contracted in. They are doing the ‘knock through’ work on our extension now. Its crap, I have never seen so much dust in my life… It’s not like normal dust either, the type that gets all fluffy and static as it collects. No, this is orangey-pink tinted masonry dust. Heavy and fine, covering every available surface like dusty tar. It is hard to pick up with a hoover, and despite the ‘protective’ dust sheets-it has managed to get into every available area of the house. It is even inside all the kitchen cupboards-which were closed?!

It’s such a mess in our kitchen, and we can barely breathe when we’re down stairs, so Bf told the builders to help themselves to tea and coffee…

B-I-G   M-I-S-T-A-K-E! 

He thought with his pilot logic, that all people are as polite and professional as he is, especially in someone else’s home; but these are builders, and I think these ones are worse than most too.  Initially they were quite polite and pleasant, but over time, they seem to have de-evolved in front of our eyes over the months into degenerate knuckle draggers with foul mouths and poor manners.

I think they spent most of their day yesterday abusing their new ‘rights’ by having non-stop tea breaks… How do I know this?  Well, the ‘owner/builder’ has a fat/stocky oaf of a son, every available inch of his skin tattooed (and from what my neighbour tells me: might be about to face time in prison) leaned out from behind the dust sheet, to inform me that we had run out of milk for their tea… Although, rather than saying it in a casually informative tone, he said it with an expectant one, and it accompanied an expression that seemed to imply I should hurry myself off, like a good little woman, to the local shop to fetch more for him right then and there.  I just looked over, dumbfounded, and replied “there were two pints in there this morning; surely it’s not all gone!?”

I went to have a look for myself, and sure enough it was all gone, there was only a pint of full cream milk that baby drinks, and they had decided that this would be good enough (without my even offering it) and proceeded to help themselves to that too!  Not only that; but as I looked over to the work surface I noticed that they had decided to help themselves to some rather expensive coffee that I keep in the cupboard for when my mum comes over, or on the odd rare occasion that Bf drinks coffee.  I keep instant coffee for the builders, because the main builder drinks it all day long, and has it at double the strength of any normal person.  He gets through about a jar a week by himself! I was stunned at their audacity, especially as I noticed their dirty mugs…

Instead of rinsing out their mugs, to make their next drink in, they systematically went through my entire cupboard full; this might seem like no big deal, but when your kitchen looks like a building site/dust bowl, it is!  I finally braved my kitchen last night, when I knew I could no longer delay the process of preparing a meal, to discover that I could not open my fridge door, because of a beam they’d placed in front of it to support the ceiling (since they’d removed the supporting walls) and I could not use the washing machine for the exact same reason! 

There was at least an inch of dust covering every work surface, the cooker, sink and they had taken out my cutlery drawer, to avoid blocking it in, but left it out, exposed, so that I would need to wash every single thing in it.  There were 12 dirty mugs out with what would have been a small amount of tea or coffee left in each one, but since the dust was in those too, it was a grimy, dirty, dusty paste, and the cupboard where the crockery is kept (that they had taken the mugs from) was not shut properly, so all of the crockery was filthy. AAAAGH!

I could have cried, I was so frustrated.  I just couldn’t believe how selfish and thoughless they had been! I now had a mountain of washing I cant do (HELLO I have 3 children as well as Bf here!), a kitchen that I now needed to clean from top to bottom, and every single plate, bowl, cup, saucer, and piece of cutlery that I own that now needed washing before I could even think about cooking or eating a meal!  All this on top of being a mother of three, who had just completed a full working day! Bloody bastards! I try not to swear normally, but I think I managed to exhaust every single rude word I know with each new discovery I made.

When I’d finally finished, I was still so angry over their selfish, greedy attitude; that I hid the coffee, the tea and the sugar away, and put one mug each out for them, with only enough teabags in a plastic bag for them to have 4 drinks each during the day (which I think is quite enough). I put enough sugar for the day in a jar, and I went to the shop and bought a cheap shop’s own brand jar of instant coffee instead of the slightly nicer stuff I normally give them.  I laid it out with just one spoon, and removed the cutlery drawer from the kitchen so that they would not find any more! 

Bf told them that we didn’t want the cupboards opened today, because of the dust, and said that we’d left stuff out for them to make drinks with.  I didn’t even bother going downstairs until I was starving at about 2pm.  When I finally did, I noticed a glass jar of coffee (the decorative type you buy to keep in your kitchen and decant your own coffee beans or granules into). Surprised, I said, “Oh, where did that come from?” 

The builder responded, “Sorry luv, I can’t drink that other stuff you bought, it’s horrible.  I got me own out of the van.  Next time, if you could stick to Nescafe, or the other stuff I was drinking yesterday, I’d prefer it.”  Part of me wanted to laugh, but mostly I just wanted to tell him ‘Stop taking the piss out of me you cheeky bastard!’  Goodness knows how I bit my tongue, and remained polite.  I just said, “Oh well, never mind, I’m not a coffee drinker myself, so I wouldn’t know, but at least you brought some that you do like.”

I want to know where they are taking their ‘rest breaks’ too… You might laugh at this, but it’s ‘worrying’ me! Up until this week, they were working on mine and my neighbour’s house, and I always assumed that since neighbour was helping out, they were just using his bathroom facilities rather than asking me; but my neighbour has fallen out with them (in a major way), and despite knocking back the coffee and tea like it’s going out of fashion, I can’t think of a single time, that they have been upstairs (where the only loo is in our home until the building work is completed)! Surely if you drink that much tea or coffee in a day, you need to visit the bathroom at least once?  I only hope that they’re saving it up until their lunch break, and not watering our garden!  It wouldn’t surprise me, bloody animals. I can’t wait until all this is over with!

Bf had booked this time off work, but has informed the airline that he is available for overtime, in the hope that he might be able to earn some additional money.  We are about £15,000 short of what we need for this building project, and we don’t particularly relish the thought of borrowing money on credit if we can avoid it at all.  He joked last night, that what he could do with is a nice long week’s over-time, somewhere tropical with a nice beach; so that he can escape the cold house, mess, dust and builders!  I wasn’t much in the mood for this joke at the time, and had the call arrived from crewing; I think I might have strangled him before he’d  had a chance to jet away, leaving me in the middle of all this mess and stress, to deal with it alone!

Knowing my luck he will get that call though!  I am hoping that he does get some work to be honest, just not for a week! A few short/medium-haul flights wouldn’t be so bad though!  He’d look like a mess if they do though. Like a complete plonker, he left his work jacket out on the sofa, whilst the builders were working yesterday, and it’s completely coated in a film of dust! He seems to think it will just brush off, but I personally doubt it.  I’m leaving that one to him to discover for himself though.


2 Responses to “From my pilot’s tropical paradise, it’s back to reality with a thud (I hate builders).”

  1. Put a sign on the kitchen door saying BYO. Tell them to stick it. how bloody rude!

  2. I KNOW! My blood was boiling, but writing about it seems to have helped me get it off my chest thankfully. All is zen again

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