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Trip Culture

Well, we had a fantastic time together. I didn’t manage to get an upgrade on the way out, because the flight was too busy. I actually bagged the last seat, which was pretty lucky.

The plane was delayed for aaaaaaages, so long in fact, that Bf and the rest of the flight deck went into their third hour of discretion! It was touch and go as to whether they would be allowed to fly it out-since Bf had spotted a problem that needed fixing during his walk around inspection of the aeroplane.  I honestly thought we would not make it, and my heart sank… I hadn’t bothered with a standby (non-rev ticket) since we were travelling with Baby…   So I spent a fortune on my confirmed ticket. Probably more than most of the passengers did, because it was the last seat, and because, having booked for a non-standard duration, my trips created ‘dead seats’ on other flights. So they had loaded the cost implications of these on to the price of my ticket.  Luckily though, the part that was needed arrived just in time, and we were able to go.

The wait in the airport lounge was awful. Baby and I were seated in the lounge by 9am, and a man, who absolutely reeked of alcohol (already) sat down opposite us shortly afterwards.  Although he was pleasant, I tried my best to avoid conversation with him (as did everyone else around us).  Baby didn’t make this easy for me though.  She was clearly amused by his ‘happy’ nature. Also, following the festive season (in which she managed to see all three of her Grandads), she seems to think that all older men are now called Grandad… She started calling him Grandad, and I cringed, at the thought that people might think I was related to him! I loudly told her, “No silly! He’s not Grandad!” just so that people would know!

He took quite a shine to her after that though, and insisted on trying to converse with me for the entire 4 hour delay! The crew were also delayed arriving to the plane, due to high sickness levels in the cabin crew. When the crew did walk through, This drunken man, stood up, and clapped sarcastically at them. Nobody followed his example. Bf, looked bemused, but managed to spare a moment to come over and kiss Baby and I, and explain the issues quietly. After this, everyone around me seemed to think I should update them on the status of the delays, including Baby’s new found grandad-who exclaimed that it was pointless making friends with the pilot’s wife if he couldn’t find out anything!

Luckily, Bf managed to come out and get Baby and I onto the plane a bit early, and we were able to visit the cockpit with him. I was dreading the flight, as Baby and I would only be 1 seat away from the drunk man for the eleven hour journey, but even that ended up not being an issue. The man was off loaded by the ground staff, for being to drunk to fly (phew).

The time away was fantastic, and we managed to cram a lot into our time. We visited several historical ruins and managed to get some quality rest time by the beautiful beach too.  We ate at some lovely restaurants… So nice in fact that I managed to gain about 5lbs! I think I’d be a right porker if I was a hostie!  The odd hours, drinking culture, eating at odd times, and the cooked breakfasts and abundant food must all take their toll.  I know that Bf tends to gain weight quite easily if he doesn’t work out regularly, or make a conscientious effort not to over indulge. 

I did notice actually, that none of the hosties on any of the crews that were in the hotel with us this time seemed to have particularly great figures. I don’t think I would have either in their shoes… My will power for eating and drinking less healthily isn’t great when I’m away from home, and I’d be less inclined to go to the gym at a tropical destination than when I’m home.

One thing I didn’t see or hear anything of on the trip though, was any of the scandalous or lurid sexual antics you tend to hear about with air crew. They (the crew) all seemed quite tame in that respect actually, despite all ensuring that they made it to the bar for ‘happy hour’.  There must have been at least 4 air crews in the hotel we were in during our time there, and we didn’t see or hear of any gossip of this nature.  Sometimes as the partner of a pilot, all you seem to hear from random people or friends is the question ‘aren’t you worried about this sort of thing?’

I used to have sleepless nights about how much temptation Bf would have to resist… But honestly, whilst I know it does happen, each trip I go on, reassures me that this is not the norm… Certainly no more so than some of the non aviation companies I have worked for any way!

Any way, back home now, and back to reality with a thud. It was -7 degrees (Celsius) whilst we were away; and whilst warmer now, we have just got to the ‘knock through’ stage of our building work… Grotty time of year to have to do it. Bf has just gone to town to buy a portable heater to help take the chill off the house.


5 Responses to “Trip Culture”

  1. Glad you had a wonderful time!
    Trust you to get stuck with the drunken guy…haha!xx

  2. I know! That story will come back to haunt Baby when she’s older too!

  3. Glad you had a great time! It must have been horrible to come back to the cold after the tropical weather. Coming home to CA from I expected it to be cold so I brought a bunch of sweaters, but it’s scorching hot!! So funny about the drunk guy… I bet HE wasn’t happy that he didn’t make it on the plane- probably just drank more!

  4. Thanks Elsja, it was a bit of a come down! I shouldn’t imagine that the drunk man was terribly impressed no, especially not after all of that waiting! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall!

  5. I get that sometimes too, with my guy being a piano player, usually playing in clubs as he is right now, in another country. I am not worried. He assures me and worries more about leaving ME behind, I think, that I won’t be here when he comes back. It’s also never been in his nature, to do that sort of thing. At any rate, if it happens, it happens and I;m gone if it happens and he knows it. He also knows I will know if something happens and he’s out.

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