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Stom clouds passing without any disruption

I’m off on a trip with Bf tomorrow. It’s a work trip for Bf, so he’ll be flying us there… Luckily I am on a confirmed seat, so no standby (non-rev) travel stresses to get in the way of the experience (even though I did pay an arm and a leg for the ticket).  We’re going to enjoy a week in the Caribbean together-Hurrah! 

A few of my closer friends know that initially I was not actually looking forward to the trip as much as I should have been: due to a personal black cloud that was hanging over the trip for me… Well, my luck must be changing, because the great big fat, thunderous, storm cloud has drifted away for the time being, and will not bother me for a while (hopefully never)! Hurrah! I’m actually looking forward to the trip now, especially as we have a lot planned during our stay (besides just chilling in the sun).

I tried to get my pre-holiday wax done today, but couldn’t get booked in-as the places I usually go to were fully booked… I’d been in such a stew recently; that it completely escaped me to book it before today!  I eventually managed to find a local lady who offered sugaring instead of my regular waxing-so I got ‘sugared’ instead… It was quite a bizarre experience, but I may well now be a convert, as it was less painful and kinder to my skin… Always nice. Especially in those more personal areas! I hate seeing new beauty therapists for waxing though. There’s nothing nice about exposing yourself, almost naked from the waist down, to a complete stranger: armed with molten wax/sugar paste, whilst you make idle chit-chat about rubbish that neither of you give a damn about.  We both know that moments later she will spread said liquid over you before applying a strip, ripping it off, and proudly showing you a strip of semi-dry gunge full of your pubic hair.  Why the hell do they think I want to look at it anyway?! 

The one today inspected the strip before showing it to me, and remarked on how fair haired I was!!!!  HELLOOO!?  I know I’m fair haired, and I can tell by looking at myself that my hair is not there any more! Hell, I even have the red scorch marks to prove it! I just want to get rid of the bloody hair-not have it flaunted in my face whilst we discuss the colour of it! Bloody weirdos if you ask me.

Any way… I’m going off on a tangent! Back to the point then… Here’s to a fab new start to my fab new year! If I get a lazy moment with my blackberry, I may well just post you an entry from the beach! TTFN!


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