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A Fresh New Year

Sorry, I know I’ve been a very bad blogger over the festive period. Despite all of my prior doom and gloom about how un-festive I felt, we had an amazing Christmas.  My parents place in France was just what doctor Christmas ordered! I knew it would settle me into the right mood. Their house couldn’t fail to inspire Christmas goodwill into even the most bah-humbug, Grinch of them all.

It’s got such a cosy little atmosphere, with it’s low beamed ceilings, and despite the inevitable bumps to ones head as you attempt to make your way up the stairs-it is a warm and happy place. The fireplace and some of the beams had been decorated with mistletoe and holly from their garden, and even my day was excited!  Even Bf, who never enjoys our jaunts to France as much as I do seemed in high spirits.

We didn’t go too over-the-top with gifts; what with the whole credit crunch and my mums redundancy… But I genuinely think that we appreciated what we had even more because of it.  Bf spoiled me, even though I’d told him not to… He bought me a new Cannon digital camera (as I’d broken my old camera back in May). So I was able to take some priceless pictures and videos of my babies opening their presents.  I was in my element spending Christmas with my whole family. I truly did appreciate it, having spent last year’s Christmas day pretty much alone with Baby on her first Christmas (Bf was on a long-haul trip, and the boys with with the vile ex).  This year was truly magical!

On boxing day, we got up at 5am to make our way home. Dropping the boys off to Bio-dad (thanks for that term Someday) and then we caught a couple of hours sleep at ours before making the two hour drive to Bf’s parents with Baby.  They delayed celebrations until we arrived, as his mum and sister both work shifts. Bf’s sister had been working on over Christmas, and it was really great to get two family Christmas celebrations in the one year!  I felt more relaxed at his parents place than I think I ever have.  His family are all lovely people, but I have always found it harder to chill out there in the past, because I always secretly wonder if they’d rather Bf had found himself a girl without a past marriage or step-children.  That said, they’ve never made me feel anything but welcome and they try to be inclusive of my boys when they get an opportunity. 

So I got home, and stepped on the scales, fully expecting to see at least 4 of the 9lbs in weight I’d lost back on (especially since my mum’s French scales indicated that I’d gained a kilo in 2 days!)… Ridiculously though, despite all of the chocolate, wine and snacking-I have managed to lose another 1lb!? Still, we’re going away in a week or so… At least I don’t need to go on a bikini/beach diet!

New Years Eve was ‘a bit of a downer for me’,  I shall not be elaborating, except to say that Bf and I got tipsy and quarrelled. That said I am determined to have a fab year any way! My resolutions are:

  • Be a more positive and happy person to be in the company of.
  • Be a better mummy, and organise myself so that I don’t get reminded by another mum that today was meant to be non-uniform day!
  • Be a better partner to my man… I have had a tendency to get bogged down with stressful daily crap that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the world…
  • Worry less about the things I cannot change
  • Spend less personal time on the Internet!
  • Take more time out for me to grow and develop as a person. I truly believe that most people don’t really know who they are… That they don’t connect with themselves often if at all, to reflect on how they see themselves… It’s too easy to get caught up in the routine and rat race.
  • Drink more (water). I know that this one might seem a bit random, but I never drink enough. We are apparently supposed to drink 2 litres of water per day, and I think I drink less than half of that!
  • Also, whilst we’re talking about body maintenance, get a better sleep routine!  I am such a night owl. I stay up far too late, with no real reason. I am going to set myself an alarm for 10pm so that I have a physical reminder to go and wash, do my bed time skin care stuff, brush my teeth and hit the sack. I have a feeling that the lack of routine may not have been helping my inability to sleep recently!

On that note peeps, I’m heading off for the land of nod now.  Good night, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


5 Responses to “A Fresh New Year”

  1. Hey , Glad you had a great xmas. I had a great xmas and new year. I enjoyed having my pilot around , God knows what will happen next year. So we made the most of it , we went out xmas eve to the pub wiht some old friends, and on nye we had a fancy dress party , which was great. I tough that it would be a hard job to get him to dress up , but I was so surprised when he got panicked a few days before the party , and was wondering what to wear , so we had a funny trip to the fancy dress shop and he got himself an outfit as Dartagnan , and I went as Marie- Antoinette. The rest of the time we just chilled at home and we slept, ate, shoped and laughed a fair amount…. So it is a good start to 2009. Wish you a great 2009….

  2. Glad you had a good christmas!! Congrats on the weight loss and have fun on your trip!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Elsja – I wasn’t actually ‘trying’ to lose weight, it just came off! My BMI has dropped to 19.5 now, which I’m not sure is a good thing… Still, I’m sure it wont last!

  4. I’ve been away over Xmas and was looking foward to getting back and catching up on your blog (sad I know!)
    Sounds like you had a great time in France and i’m sure the kids will have loved it too and given them some great Xmas memories. I am very jealous about your weight! I am sure I must have put on around a stone in the last week or so – i’m not even kidding! Those resolutions sound good, i’m with you on the water one – and a couple of others! Well it’s officially the most depressing time of the year – what a great time for you to go on a trip with Bf!! :0)

  5. I have a ton more nicknames for him, depending on how I am feeling towards him at the moment…

    Glad your Christmas turned out merry and bright!

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