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Kick me when I’m down

I am going to scream! This God forsaken hell hole of a dump that they call the Travelodge hasn’t got even one room with hot water tonight! NOT ONE!

I think I’m going to get a refund and bugger off home


5 Responses to “Kick me when I’m down”

  1. oh no!!!!!!! What the hell is going on!!! I say sneak into bfs hotel lol

  2. No apparently not… One of Bf’s duties is to play host changing room to all the ushers arriving in the morning.

    Bridezilla has had him ironing all the ushers shirts! I might actually have to take lessons from her on how to train my man… Mind you-I get the distinct impression he’s not doing it for her… Suspect he might tell her and me to poke the training in some dark place if I tried… LOL.

    I have spent 2 hours boiling kettles of water and have managed to have a bath… Hardly relaxing though, as the smell of rotten eggs was wafting up from the over flow-nice.

    I’m SOOOO getting a refund when I leave here in the morning!

  3. haha… you should!
    although I pity your luck, but I have to admit, reading it twice makes me laugh about it… Sorry though, but I can’t help it…

    Good posts! Keep it up!

  4. WTF??? You may as well be in the third world. UPdate about the wedding PLEASE!!

  5. I got my refund, and a shower in the hotel over the road, so the status quo was re-claimed!

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