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Fun with my children in London

One of my best friends from university turned the big 3-0 just this week. She is Austrian, and had made the effort to fly into the UK for my last birthday-which I was very touched about. Well, it so happens, that she is flying into London (where we did our degree) for the]is coming weekend to see some of her chums for her birthday. Naturally I am going to get the train to London and visit.

At Uni, we took for a time; to drinking alco-pops, cocktails; usually of the vile blue or green variety (by the pitcher, and from straws, rather than glasses) as students do.  However, this weekend, Bf is away on a long-haul trip, and it’s my weekend with the boys. So unfortunately, we won’t be downing tequila slammers or making ourselves violently ill together as we did back then (actually, we weren’t THAT bad). Such is the way when your man is a pilot I guess…

Still, rather than making me feel guilty for being so rubbish, she thoughtfully suggested that we (her, a couple of her friends, me (and the sproglets too), go to Madame Tussuad’s! I have been before (naturally) but, I’m rather ashamed to admit I have never taken the boys to London, let alone Madame Tussuad’s! I jumped at the idea!

Hot on the heels of my excitement; I started brain-storming ideas for other stuff to do with them. I have decided to take them to Piccadilly Circus, the Trocadero centre, Hamleys toy store on Regent Street, and The Rainforest Cafe too… I know, I know, I SHOULD be taking them to the Natural History Museum, Natural Science Museum, Big Ben or the London Eye or something; but I also know that Bf will want to do all that stuff with us as a family; so I thought I’d play shallow-fun mummy and lavish them with all the easy stuff for now.

Such a shame that the Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI) isn’t around anymore. Not that it would have been particularly close to where we’ll be; but I used to love that place. I must have been about 6 times between when I was at school and uni!  I even went to a seminar with William Friedkin, the director from The Exorcist there once. I thought that that Fridkin was an obnoxious, bigoted, prat who proclaimed that his lead man Gene Hackman was one of the worst actors he’d ever had cast!

Any way, I digress! I had never even heard of the Rain forest Cafe until I Googled fun places to eat with kids in London… I was thinking Hard Rock Cafe, or Planet Hollywood; but  think that they’re still a bit young to really get the most out of those places.

AAAnyway. The website for this Rainforest Cafe looks awesome! You sit in a rain forest themed restaurant underground, with fake thunder storms, waterfalls, animatronic wild animals, and simulated rain! WOO HOO! There’s a great video of it on this visit london website, but I couldn’t import it to the blog, so you’ll have to make do with this home video I found from You Tube instead (it gets a bit random towards the end though-ha ha)

The boys are SOOOOOOO excited! Apart from the thought of dealing with all the trains and tubes alone with 3 children and a baby stroller; I have to admit-I’m pretty excited too!


4 Responses to “Fun with my children in London”

  1. I’ve been to Rainforest Cafe in several different places, and the ambiance is great! Rosie LOVES to eat there. Your kid’s will dig it.

    As for the other touristy stuff…that’s the kind of stuff I want to do when I visit. Can’t say I’m interested in vile green drinks, but I’d be happy to drive on the wrong side of the road so YOU could get sloshed.

    Have fun!

  2. how lovely… hope you have a wonderful time. We don’t have all that stuff int’cuntry….it’s one thing I miss about being in London. However we have lots of farms and stuff which thankfully seems to do the trick.. for now… I’m sure the lights of London will lure us in when my daughter grows older and farms become ‘sad’…. I dread the day! how parenthood changes us eh?

  3. That sounds a great day out! My husband and I have been to Rainforest Cafe in Disney Land Paris it is great for kids – and big kids!

  4. Thanks for telling me Nicole and Debs-I’m even more excited about seeing their little faces now! Red, we normally do farms and things too-living in a village in a rural area; this is a rare treat for us!

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