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Thanksgiving and Positive Thinking


I am determined to be in a great mood today, despite the doom and gloom everywhere. Christmas is coming and I do not want to let all of the negative energy in the world drag me down; or I’ll just end up wallowing in it. Last night, I found myself bordering on tears thinking about all of the people in the world who are finding themselves jobless, or facing economic crisis-and I really struggled to get to sleep because my mind was working over-time, processing how the whole world economy would see a domino effect. It was truly depressing.

Then I thought to myself ‘I cannot carry the weight of the world on my shoulders alone, and I cannot change what will or wont happen in the world simply by worrying… I CAN however be thankful all the time that Bf and I have safe jobs, do what I can to help those less fortunate around me (like helping my redundant mum find a new job, and passing on prospect job leads to those I know who are also looking), and give what I can back to the world by acting in a morally and ethically conscious way.’

Despite not being particularly well off ourselves right now; I find that my conscience always nudges me when I see charity collectors, so I recently succumbed and signed up to a monthly charity direct debit scheme-I don’t give a massive amount; and I certainly don’t deserve a medal for it-if anything I did it to make me feel better about myself; but I give something, and it all adds up in the end-doesn’t it?

I am also trying to be less frivolous with our spending.  I signed up a few years ago to a fantastic website that is full of money saving tips, called Money Saving Expert. I get weekly newsletters with some truly useful tips and leads on great deals and offers (primarily aimed at us Brits).  I now find myself actively planning the weeks meals ahead (Bf mocks me for this, but by making a list of the exact groceries that we will need; I am not sucked into the supermarket trap of luring you into making impulse purchases for things we don’t really need).  I always used to buy too much, and I have seen a significant decline in the amount we spend, and the amount of food wastage and rubbish that we put out as a household (both things that I loathe).

I have also been foregoing some of the treats I usually allow myself on a monthly basis, in order to afford to make the most of accompanying Bf on a few ‘work’ trips that Bf has. These experiences are so much more valuable to me than ‘things’ I could own any way! There is just one more long-haul (work) trip I plan to go on with him for the foreseeable future (to the Caribbean) in January; as in March; his time away from home is going to sharply decrease (that was the change in work lifestyle I mentioned before in my post ‘Career Dilemma, Which way to go?‘).

Both Bf and I are doing our best to look at the bright side of this. Baby has reached an age where she is more aware of his departures, and she has started to suffer separation anxiety when he goes away on a trip. If ever there was a time to reduce the frequency of occasions that he’s away from home for long-periods at a time; this is it.

Any way, I just rang my pal from the ticketing dept of Bf’s company to book a confirmed seat for the trip. I know her independently of Bf, and am very lucky that she has been able to work with the costings of confirmed seating tickets to enable me to get the best deals financially available, and more importantly to be able to book tickets for irregular durations of time-almost impossible if you go via the call centre. It turns out that she is being made redundant at the end of January. I felt so sad for her when she told me; but she seems to be taking it in her stride, and was remarkably positive about the situation.  She really inspired me with her amazing outlook.

I have felt quite low since  got back from our recent trip (the combined result of post holiday/winter blues, food poisoning and Bf looking for jobs in far away places). But I have so much to be thankful for… I know that it is ‘Thanksgiving’ in the States today; and I always feel inspired by the sense of goodwill and positivity that it promotes over there. Here in the UK; we have a tendency to whinge and whine about how bad we have it; but actually that’s crap. Our version of ‘Thanksgiving’ is ‘Harvest Festival’ a time where we give thanks for the prosperity of crops, and give donations and food to the less fortunate.  That said, we don’t make nearly such a huge deal of it, and it’s mostly schools and regular church goers that participate.

I wish that we celebrated our own Harvest Festival here in the UK the way Thanksgiving is accross the pond; because I think that reminding yourself about what is good in your life, and what you should be giving thanks for, is such a positive affirmation and promotes a mass sense of well-being! So here are some of the things that I have to be thankful for:

  • Both Bf and I have careers that we love, and as far as we know, our jobs are safe.
  • We have three beautiful happy, healthy children.
  • I have great friends, who genuinely care about me.
  • We have one another, and are very much in love
  • We have supportive, loving families
  • We have a roof over our heads, and a home that we own.
  • We have enough to eat and drink every day
  • We aren’t wealthy, but we are financially secure enough not to worry about how to manage on a month-to-month basis financially.
  • We have food on the table every day.
  • We are lucky enough to have travelled to some amazing places, and shared some unforgettable experiences together.
  • I have access to a fantastic network of other women with similar lifestyles who can relate to me, and who make me feel sane during my less rational moments!
  • We might wish or hope for more, but we want for nothing.
  • We are lucky to live in a lovely area with lots of things to do that don’t cost the earth.
  • I have a wonderful big family Christmas to look forward to this year




Both positivity and negativity are infectious… I am consciously choosing to focus on being infectiously positive-so I hope that I manage to infect at least one of you reading this today!


7 Responses to “Thanksgiving and Positive Thinking”

  1. Thanks for post! That’s a great way of looking at things and I agree we should have a thanksgiving in the UK. I should make a list like yours as it’s so easy to get caught up in the negatives and forget the good things we have!

  2. YAY! That’s 1 person infected then I take it?! 🙂

  3. Always got to try and look on the bright side – especially if you’ve got kids. In the UK in the winter I don’t think the weather helps – SAD?! I also listen and read Martin Lewis’s advice and website. He’s awesome and has given me lots of tips for coping with Christmas during the credit crunch – I’m feeling much better about it all now. No Unnecessary Present Pact (NUPP) is my new motto!

  4. I just posted a comment on that on Flying High’s blog ‘Marriage with Altitude’ about that very same thing! How uncanny!

    For anyone unfamiliar with the term it is a play on a marriage pre-nup, the link for the pact you can sign is here: PRE-Np Unnecessary Present Pact

    He writes:

    What is a pre-Christmas NUPP?

    Ever received a gift you never used? The NUPP campaign aims to take the stigma out of NOT giving unnecessary gifts just for the sake of it, fighting the over-commercialisation of Christmas.

    It isn’t anti-presents. Family Christmas gift-giving’s a lovely tradition. Yet a tick-list of presents for friends, that’ll languish unused in cupboards isn’t.

    Not giving can be a bigger gift. Buying presents can obligate friends to do the same, even if they can’t afford it.

    What about small gifts? That’s NUPP-Lite, where you agree to limit gift costs to £5 or £10 and some thought. Or why not give time or to charity instead?

  5. I am grateful to have you as a friend! It’s nice to commiserate sometimes over our loneliness we feel, but in the end…it’s really important to be positive. There is so much scariness and financial uncertainty in the world, and I fear that we’ve just seen the tip of the problems. I just posted my gratitude list on my blog, so you can take a gander at what I’m grateful for.

  6. Ahhh Nicole, that’s so lovely of you to say that-I’m truly touched! Oh, and I agree strongly with the following points from your post “My Gratitude List”:

    Delicious food and drink to keep my clothes tight

    Blogging to let me get things off my chest and make new friends

  7. Hi , I never tought that I was going to get so much moral support of the internet. And thank you Partner of a pilot , for writting things like that , it really makes a difference.
    At the moment I am organising our wedding , and sometimes feels let down by some people. But since reading your post , I have decided to focus on the nice people that are helping me making this day and the running up so nice.
    I also believe that by being positive , we are attracting positives things happening to us …
    Thanks to you all for your nice input , it has really put a smile a my face.

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