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Credit Crunch everywhere I look

Jeez, everywhere you look; the credit crunch is there taunting you with misery! I just popped out to grab some essential groceries, and the car radio blurted out the latest piece of doom and gloom news to me; namely, that both the Woolworths and MFI chains of stores have gone into administration today. For those of you not from Blighty; both stores are ‘strong’ household names.

I have fond memories of Woolworths as a child and teenager… It was my favourite after school haunt, and the place where I bought most of my CD singles, sweets and cheap toys or electronic goods from. I have to say that it had appeared to be in somewhat of an identity crisis in recent years though. I guess unsurprisingly, since the launch of Internet shopping and iTunes probably stole a large piece of their market share. But it has been going strong for 99 years now; and it seems a crying shame for such a huge company to dissappear. Apparently, over 30,000 people from over 800 stores could lose their jobs-and at such a difficult time of year too!

MFI is also a bit of a crushing blow. Although the job losses will be significantly less; they were Britain’s largest furniture retailer. We ourselves recently ordered a kitchen from them; and have paid over £700 to them as a deposit against it… We now have no idea whether we will get our kitchen or money… Their website is currently down ‘for maintenance’.  Still, I know this is nothing by comparison to the loss of those unfortunate enough to be worrying about their livelihoods, and facing an undoubtedly bleak Christmas.

This fills me with concern. All these people are people that will have to tighten their belts financially. Tightening your belt means cutting unnecessary expenditure. Holidays are not exactly essential. This can only be bad news for aviation; and every other industry. I seriously hope the world economy starts to recover soon.


2 Responses to “Credit Crunch everywhere I look”

  1. You and me both!! Lower profits means fewer flights for BF’s “future” company. He should have gotten in 6 months ago- but first there were job cuts, then slowed hiring and now a potential freeze. So looks like he won’t be getting in afterall. But at least he has his current job- i know many aren’t even lucky enough to keep that!

  2. and at least when things do pick up, they’ll be keen to get him on board if he was already previously accepted! (Cup half full approach eh?)

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