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If it’s not one thing, it’s another!


Well, I have been rather unwell this past week. I returned from our trip with not one but two very serious strains of food poisoning, ‘Campylobacter‘ and ‘Salmonella‘ (I only found out about the latter one today). A bit random, since I had only eaten seafood whilst I was away, but I guess the eateries could have used contaminated food preparation areas or simply had poor hygiene processes (yuck, yuck YUCK!)

So I have lost about half a stone in weight; not that you’d notice, I think I might have gained a few pounds out there due to over indulgance any way! I have been feeling quite sorry for myself; but thankfully had Bf around most of the time to look after me, and take care of looking after the children. I felt like I was over the worst of it by the time his current trip to the Caribbean arrived. I dropped him off at the airport, went Christmas shopping, and returned home to watch the X Factor with the children.

Whilst I was watching it, I suddenly felt an excruciating pain in my left arm. I had no idea why it happened. I was in so much pain, that I ended up ringing NHS direct. They told me to apply heat to my arm and take pain killers. Luckily I still had some morphine based pain killers left over from my back spasm. But even they didn’t help.

By the following morning, after a night without sleep, I went to the emergency treatment centre at the hospital. They told me that the muscle in my arm had gone into spasm (it was as hard as a rock). I was prescribed diazepam, volterol and tramedol. She suggested that I speak to my GP, saying that it was rather unusual to get 2 unrelated muscle spasms without obvious trauma; and she hypothesised that I may be deficient in an enzyme, that might be causing the reaction.

So had a day of feeling completely spaced out, whilst having to look after all three kids. Bf was ten hours away, and my mum was abroad 4 hours away, and Bf’s parents were in the air returning from a trip to Africa too; so I had nobody to ask for help. I sat down and sobbed, wallowing in my own self-pity-and thinking ‘poor me’, things like this only ever happen when Bf’s away (of course this isn’t really quite true, it’s just that those times are more memorable!).  I really counldn’t stand the thought of facing a battery of tests to see whether I have some bizarre problem causing my body to do random, painful things to me! Poor Bf felt rotten, he spent his afternoon on the phone and texting me to give me the verbal hug that I needed to lift my spirits.

I went to see my own GP today, who informed me that the lab had contacted her today to let her know that they’d also discovered salmonella in my system! She said that it was no wonder that I’ve been feeling so rubbish; and said that this was also probably also the cause of my muscular spasm (phew)!

Apparently, in much the same way as your body aches when you get flu; my body has been so struck down by these two strains of food poisoning-that the blood chemistry has been altered temporarily, and the muscular spasm has been the result.

I felt so much better that it wasn’t going to be an ongoing issue. Bloody filthy restaurateurs though. I wish they would take on board how important good hygiene is! Mind you, my uncle always says that ‘a poison is only a poison if you aren’t immune to it.’  I guess in the country we visited, they’re all just so used to consuming these bacteria, that they don’t become unwell, and therefore don’t appreciate how important hand hygiene is, and how real the risk is to those of us unexposed to it!

That said, you know what? I’d go back and do it all again, food poisoning and all, to re-live that experience. It was absolutely amazing!


3 Responses to “If it’s not one thing, it’s another!”

  1. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon! At least it’s all related to that nasty bug so hopefully once you shake that off you will be done with it all!

  2. Hi Debs – Thank you, yeah, it is a bright side at least! I was actually quite relieved when my GP told me that it was all related! And the other silver lining, is that at least I don’t have to worry about losing my holiday weight gain! HAHA

  3. Yay! Nice and slim in time for xmas! LOL

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