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10 things you didn’t know about me.

Inspired by Captain J’s Wife entry Bizarre Occurrences. She wrote 10 facts about her that her readers wouldn’t know, so I thought I’d do the same.

  1. I had recurring nightmares as a child, whenever I was ill with a fever. They became more intricate, and complex each time I had them; and I used to sleep walk and talk to my mum whilst I was having them. It used to FREAK her out
  2. I went to a very strict boarding school from the age of 11-13 years old.
  3. I have a brown belt in karate
  4. I once came second in a hula-hooping competition. I hula-hooped for 10 hours, but had to stop because I needed to pee. I won a fun-sized mars bar for my efforts!
  5. I left my ex-husband because he beat me up and left me needing re-constructive plastic surgery to my face. (They did a great job by the way, you’d never know to look at me)
  6. I have a phobia of peaches. Even thinking about them makes me feel sick and makes me shudder. The fury skin reminds me of mould, and I can’t even bring myself to look at them, let alone touch one.
  7. Despite being petrified of house spiders, I held a tarantula before!
  8. I once worked, as a volunteer, on the election campaign team of a former high profile cabinet minister.
  9. My favourite colour is yellow, because it’s a happy colour.
  10. I have a half brother somewhere that I’ve never met.

13 Responses to “10 things you didn’t know about me.”

  1. How come you haven’t met your half brother? Do you ever plan to?

  2. It was from a brief fling my father had with a woman before he met my mother, he was very young; and he won’t go into detail about it. I don’t think the female in queston even allowed my father contact. I’m not even certain if my father knows his name!?

  3. gosh I admire your honesty. You brave girl leaving your ex. Great post!

  4. You know I can relate to the sibling thing, and not knowing… I also to can relate to domestic violence, good for you for getting out of that situation.

    My drug of choice was cocaine.

  5. Thank you Susannah, I am always honest, possibly to a fault. Bf says sometimes I tell him too much!

    Cpt J’s Wife – I know, I read your post where you mentioned your half siblings. It used to bother me, when I lived nearer to where he would have lived, and was single. But now, I have no interest in knowing who he is. Especially since his mother would blatantly have bad mouthed my father to him.

  6. Very interesting facts! I agree v brave to leave your ex that must have been very hard for you! I share your fear of spiders eughh!

  7. It was brave actually! I was very proud of myself at the time. Though it did take a lot of planning, and he still slammed my body between the door and door frame in anger (even though my face was all plaster casted up). SUCH A LOSER!

    But it felt exhillarating to have finally found the strength to put it all behind me and move on with my life. I’ve never regretted leaving him-only wish I’d left him a lot sooner!

  8. Partner of a Pilot – do you realise I am never going to look at a peach in the same way again?

    Do you still have contact with your ex? I guess he sees the kids?

  9. Wow! You are a very brave woman (esp. for holding a tarantula :)).

    I do share one of your “things” – I used to have recurring intricate and complex dreams (during my childhood), mostly about growing gigantic patterns/polygons when I had fever. I used to get very scared.

  10. Hi Carrie – Sorry if I just ‘infected you with my peach phobia! HAHA. In answer to your question I have limited contact with my ex. I was forced to take out an injunction against him to protect myself and Bf when I was pregnant with my daughter. Ex was actually stupid enough to send me a text that read ‘If you thought I was violent before, just wait and see what I’ll do this time’. We now exchange the children under CCTV in a public place-SAD but true. He was quite a well paid executive type too, not a down and out!

    Airline Blogger – WEIRD! My recurring nightmares had an eerily similar theme. It would always start off in a nice family picnick in an idillic setting, then I’d find myself cut off from them, trapped in a growing hexagonal matrix of clear glass tubes with a creepy nursery rhyme playing, and a pastel coloured mist in each tube… After a few times of having the dream, it was populated with other (faceless) children my age… Later I could see their faces… The more I tried to escape, the deeper into the maze I would find myself. Then the other children would be filled with panic, running to escape (from a fire I think). I would end up running alone, the last one in the maze. I always woke up in a hot sweat, and would run to my mum telling her that “they were coming to get us!” One time, she found me sat, rocking on the kitchen floor repeating the phrase ‘There’s something wrong with the pattern of me’ over and over again! It totally frieked her out!!! It was always when I was sick with a fever.

  11. when I was ill I’d have this vision of a boat drawn in black pencil, sailing along on a very calm bit of water (all black and white outlines in pencil); as the boat continued the water would slowly get all tangled and scribbly and sooner or later it was just a dizzy mess. I still get the same sensation of dizziness and light headedness when I think about it, that it gave me then.

  12. It is weird. My dreams were very similar to yours. It used to start with something and then ended up with me getting trapped in different complex geometric shapes. One of the shapes (I later found out in an advanced mathematics class) was the plot to a very complex equation :).

  13. SPOOKY!

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