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Killer Shoes

Well, my lunch meeting went well on Wednesday… It was great to finally put people to names and voices after 2 months; but also to meet others doing the same home-based role that I am doing. I have to say; I was genuinely impressed in the recruitment standards that they have… Apart from hiring me (which should be proof enough that they have great taste-HAHA)… The other women were all intelligent, articulate, well presented, friendly and approachable… I am in good company.

We swapped Skype addresses, and it’s really lovely to know that there is a network of people in the same boat as me who I can share the experience with now… I was enjoying the job before, but I was feeling a bit iscolated from co-workers.

The only thing I did do, was talk non-stop… This is something I have a tendency to do. It irritates Bf; he say’s it’s my worst habit. I have managed to curb it somewhat in social situations-unless I’ve had a little too much wine… That’s always a recipe for verbal diarrhea! For some reason though, I didn’t manage to shut up on Wednesday… I kept thinking to myself ‘Oh God, shut up! You’re being so boring Partner’ , but my lips would still carry on moving and I’d still be able to hear myself talking… I can only put it down to my enthusiasm about meeting everyone and excitement about being involved in a project that I’m actually really interested in and passionate about.

I enjoyed being in the city too.  I managed to catch up with one of my old managers. We got on really well when we worked together… She is completely bonkers, and it was non-stop hilarity working together. I also just loved just wandering around the city-despite feeling like a cripple in my ridiculously high heeled shoes… Shoes that my ex-manager actually inspired me to buy (which might tell you how nuts she is)…

These Red or Dead Rainbow shoes… I’d actually been lusting after them for over a year and a half before I finally treated myself to them… I only bought them after I bought the red suit that I wore it with, but actually, they go really well with jeans too… I just love them! 

They look a bit lairy in the picture, but trust me, they look stunning on! I get compliments on them EVERY time I wear them-even from men-who let’s face it, never normally notice shoes!

When I got home, Bf decided we needed to go grocery shopping. I hobbled around the supermarket, an image that definitely wasn’t the one I had set out to achieve at the beginning of the day! I almost considered going barefoot by about the end of the fruit and vegetable section!

The things we do for fashion!


3 Responses to “Killer Shoes”

  1. I have those shoes! They’re great aren’t they? How we suffer! haha

  2. a) you didn’t talk to much and what you said was right on!
    b) brave girl in the shoes – I went for the ‘comfortable’ middle aged shoes! Must get myself sharp suit and killer heels for next one – the competition is ON!

  3. I love a challenge!

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