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Girly Night In

Well, Bf is on a trip… But I haven’t had time to miss him. I organised a girlfriend and her little two girls to come over and stay. Her oldest is only 18 months old (10 days younger than Baby); and her youngest is 12 weeks old!!! She must be totally MAD!

I am exhausted!

We stayed up until 2:30am, we had far too much wine to drink, but had a hilarious time-but then the little ones woke us at 6:30am!

I am now about to have a wash and go to bed. I have a ton of stuff to get done this week!


3 Responses to “Girly Night In”

  1. Hi, felt I should comment as I enjoyed reading your blog! Found you via your doodle reference on Rick’s blog….love the one he has done for you! I will call in again:)

  2. Girly nights are always fun! Always too much wine and too little sleep! Bet the 12wk baby is a cutie!

  3. She is adorable actually! But VERY hard work, I flitted between broodiness and complete sympathy.

    …One minute I’d feel SO broody that I could’ve stolen her cute little baby, and the next-I just couldn’t imagine why anyone would put themselves through it more than once.

    I definitely don’t think I’d ever want to have 2 babies so close together after seeing how hard it is first hand!

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