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Partner of a Pilot Artwork

I stumbled accross a great blog some months. It’s called Organised Doodles, and belongs to an artist called Rick Green. I liked the fun nature of his work so much, and hadn’t been able to find any images on the net that I felt represented the nature of my blog other than random pictures of planes… So I asked him to do a drawing to signify my blog to use as a ‘profile picture’ for this partner of a pilot blog.

For obvious reasons, I didn’t want a drawing that was a true likeness to me or my family; so I told him about my life, and gave him a rough spec; and asked him to use his own artistic license to fill in the blanks.

I love the finished drawing! What do you think?



12 Responses to “Partner of a Pilot Artwork”

  1. It’s AWESOME!

  2. Hey Padner! You’re fast – even updated the doodle with the latest version and everything. I’m so glad that you like it. It seems to work really well with the color scheme of your blog. I’m working on posting it now on my little old blog. Thanks again. See you around kid-o!

  3. Thank YOU Rick! I am really pleased with it 😀

  4. LOVE the artwork! Looks great and ads a nice personal feel! As above it really suits the colour scheme too! Fab idea!!

  5. Perfect! Lovely pictures, go Rick.

  6. I love the picture. I might need to get some “work” done by Rick.

  7. Love the artwork! I might have to try him!

  8. It is brilliant. Such a great touch.x

  9. Looks great, I love the overall feeling and details in the drawing.

  10. I love it too! That is soooooo cute! What a great idea!

  11. […] over at Rick’s blog. In case you’re new to my blog, Rick is the chap who produced my rather lovely blog artwork (see it in the post below or in my side bar).  If you would like the chance to win your very own […]

  12. nice, but i think u must think about how to render by noticing the material. for i.e the grass, it should be in “waving” line because the effect of the wind of the plane. n u must must think about how 2 difference: the closer object or the further one, it must b different in rendering and the color gradation,.. 🙂

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