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CRINGE worthy

Oh My Goodness, I am SO MORTIFIED!

I just got back from visiting a girlfriend and her baby. When I returned home; I found that the builders were back (they’ve been away on holiday); and were working on our extension. I offered them a cup of tea, as you do.

Any way… A few minutes later, my one of my neighbours knocked on the door, and told me that Bf could move his car back to it’s position in front of the house.  My neighbour opposite is a carpenter and has his own business. My next door neighbour (who is also having work done) is quite friendly with him, and to save costs my next door neighbour is helping him do the work.

Any way, a couple of minutes later, Bf said:


“Oh, by the way, you might want to go and put a few things away in the bedroom; the builders have been working outside the room on ladders, and can see right in.”

Well actually, he was a little more specific, but I shall spare myself the full embarrassment… Suffice to say, that with Bf being a long-haul pilot; I am frequently alone for periods of time. Bf rather thoughtfully bought me a gift of a somewhat personal nature to make up for the fact that I miss him when he’s away (I think you catch my drift).

Any way. This morning; ‘said gift’ was beside the bed on the floor (not in the bedside drawer, where it would usually reside), but still completely hidden from view by anyone (unless they would’ve happened to be stood on a ladder outside my bedroom window of course).

So, naturally, this was the day that the builders decided to work on the outside of the house on ladders.

“Didn’t you do a quick spot check of our room when they knocked to let you know they’d be working outside our bedroom!?!”
“Erm, no. I didn’t even think to look.”
“Well, did you at least hide the item when you did realise?”
“NO-I was too embarrassed.”
“OH! YOU were too embarrassed!? I guess I’ll just go and move it then?! Maybe I should offer them a cup of tea whilst I’m up there?”

The worst part is that the guys that were up there, were not the random builders that I’ll never have to see again-it was my neighbours!



8 Responses to “CRINGE worthy”

  1. Haha! This really made me laugh! So cringable!!

  2. Oh my god, you poor poor thing – has your face stopped being crimson yet?! xx

  3. That is so funny … Dont worry about it too much. You might have made another woman happy… he is probably going to go and buy one for his wife ..

  4. Better to have been found by grown-ups who can handle it, rather than your daughter, son and her best friend while playing hide-n-seek! lets just say, I am saving now for the therapy bills!

  5. I guess… Yes, I vividly remember finding an something personal of my parents when I was a child-I was hunting for hidden Christmas presents… I was pretty traumatised for a while HAHA

  6. Found your site through Rick Green’s…

    Although very embarassing, the story is extremely funny, too.

    I found some “personal items” of my mom’s once when I was a kid, and am still a little horrified about it…just not a good visual you know.

  7. Hey, you’re human. You have needs. I’m laughing though, because I’d cringe too.

  8. […] one of our neighbours (one of the guys who is working on our house, and who happened to witness a personal item of mine through the window a month or so ago) into our house to chat about his next lot of work. He […]

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