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Gadgets and boys toys

Well, Bf is home, and off for the whole week. He’s finished building his new 3D helicopter and took it out for it’s first flight today. He came home so pleased with himself. Although, he did say “I think this could end up being an expensive hobby.” (Hellooooo! He has only JUST figured this out!? He spent almost £2000 on it according to his credit card statement last month!)

He had burned almost half a gallon of fuel, and this stuff is NOT cheap! He ordered a gallon of it on-line and it came to almost £20 (about $40)!!! Its Nitro Methane or something!?  He said that most of the other guys order 4 gallons at a time! What with his insurance, flying club membership parts and repairs and now fuel; I have a feeling that the cost for this hobby is going to end up being as much as a car to run 😦

Oh well; as long as the bills get paid, I guess I cant complain. Just take my advice-if your pilot decides he’d like to get into models-and you’re thinking of buying him a nice little model aeroplane or helicopter for Christmas-DONT DO IT!!! You’ll only encourage him; and being the pilot that he is, he wont be satisfied with the nice little one you got him for long, it won’t end there…

Bf got his first model helicopter less than a year ago for Christmas. One of those silly little polystyrene things that you can buy it the toy section of most department stores… Now he’s on these things. Our house has become a shrine to model planes and helicopters!

No, I’m playing it safe this year, he’ll be getting a nice pair of socks and an iTunes voucher or something! Or maybe I’ll get him a plastering set… With a new extension that’s only half finished, that’s one hobby I wouldn’t mind him becoming professional at!


2 Responses to “Gadgets and boys toys”

  1. Haha definitely the plastering set… I wonder how you can make it sound like a challenge for his pilot-wired brain?

    Luckily my OH is simply not interested in these mini remote-control helicopters / planes. At his flight school a few of the guys had them and he barely raised an eyebrow whilst the other pilots tinkered away. The most interest he showed was when one of them crashed quite spectacularly, I think he was quite amused!

    I think I’m safe!

  2. Jeff’s choice of toys…IS MOTORCYCLES…so model planes LOO much better and much more safe! AHHH!!! Why do these men, have toys…seriously

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