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Weekends just aren’t the same in a pilot family

Well, Bf and I just spoke. He’s just about to leave the hotel to make the 9 hour flight home… Although, when I say home, he’s actually landing in an entirely different UK based airport at the farthest end of the UK; where he’ll have about twelve hours rest in a hotel before catching his connecting flight home.

I cannot wait to see him tomorrow night. I have been thinking about him a lot today. I went out with my children and a friend and her baby (we met in antenatal classes). Whilst cold, the weather here has been lovely for the past week or so, and we decided to take a walk, and have a picnic, at a nature reserve not far away. My friend has been through a very rough time recently. In fact, I will not write just how bad, because it’s the kind of story that if you read it in a magazine-you’d think she’d made up to earn money! It just seems so completely unbelievable that one person could have to deal with so much pain and difficulty in her life.  It makes me realise how good I have it; and makes me appreciate how easy my life is by contrast. 

It was nice to share a weekend day without my man around with another adult! …That’s a major drawback of the pilot ‘wifestyle’ normally: Weekends alone. During the week, there are always friends I can meet up with for coffee. Weekends however, are a different story. Everyone has their men home with them, and are more reluctant to making arrangements that detract from their ‘couple time’; and most of my single friends are off out somewhere that isn’t particularly child-friendly.  So, if your pilot is away for the weekend, it can mean that the weekend for you is your least favourite part of the week.

I took the kids to an adventure playground the other weekend, and I just knew that the other families there were looking at us, and assuming I was a single mummy of 3. Not that I particularly care what random strangers think-but I do envy the time that these families get to share together as a whole unit; because whilst Bf probably has a lot more time off in total than these 9-5ers, a lot of it is mid-week.

Obviously this does have it’s perks (everywhere is much less busy when you go out, for one), but when you have school-age children it has some pretty major draw backs too.  I feel sorry for the kids when he’s away at weekends, because I know that they’d love his energy for play when we’re going somewhere like an adventure playground… I just cannot split myself three ways very easily, and Baby cannot be left to her own devices when out-so it’s the boys that miss out.

I would not swap him for a 9-5 guy, but I certainly appreciated my friend and her little man’s company today!


One Response to “Weekends just aren’t the same in a pilot family”

  1. I hear ya! I wouldn’t want my pilot to change his job for anything, but somedays are rougher than others!

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