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Whilst the pilot’s away, the neighbours-from-hell will play (the drums, at night).

My neighbours are morons, and they make me feel old.

Bf has gone, and I do miss him, but have been so busy again today that I really haven’t had much time to think about him. I thought I’d try to get an early night tonight, but my moronic neighbours scuppered that plan!

You see, my neighbours have the biggest house, and the biggest garden in the street, and they think that this gives them the right to be obnoxious.

He is a drummer, and has a band, and the sheer size of their garden (they feel) lends it to being the perfect place to rehearse their ‘music’. I say music, but to be honest-it’s dire. I wouldn’t inflict their noise on the neighbourhood cats. I have no idea if they ever get any gigs, but I have seen them ‘shooting music videos’ in their garden before.

It’s bad enough when they inflict their noise on me during the day, but he *started* playing the drums tonight at 10pm! I was honestly stunned! We are semi-detached from one another, so drums at 10pm are not particularly fair. I ignored/tolerated it for as long as I could.

Then my nine year old woke up. He isn’t feeling well, and I’d been hoping he’d sleep it off, but there’s not much chance of that with the neighbour from hell doing his impression of ‘Animal’ from the Muppets

Just in case you don’t remember Animal, here he is doing a remarkably good impression of my neighbour:

Actually, they even look alike-scary!

Any way, so by now, it was nearly 11pm. I was silently cursing Bf for not being here to help me deal with the situation, and be the one to politely ask them to stop… Still, this sort of thing is bound to happen when he’s away. That’s the unwritten ‘law’ of ‘pilot wifestyle’, so I went round instead. I just about managed not to lose my cool with them. In fairness, he looked quite sheepish when he answered the door.  I barely needed to say anything.

Afterwards, I felt like such a kill-joy. Seriously! I felt like I was telling kids to turn their music down. I sounded like my father! …Ironic really, since he (my neighbour) is probably (at a guess) in his early 50s and she is in her late 40s! Their daughter must be nearly my age!

Is the world going completely bonkers; or is it just me?!

So, as pay back; I’m thinking up at 4:30am with a loud-hailer next time baby is teething… Hmm I couldn’t, could I? Hehe


5 Responses to “Whilst the pilot’s away, the neighbours-from-hell will play (the drums, at night).”

  1. Ah, the neighbors. Don’t you just love them? As you know, I have MAJOR issues with most of my neighbors and their rude behavior. Now, we just get even. Last weekend the “men” skinny dipped in the neighbors pool and the music ended around 2. Guess what? No one said ANYTHING! 🙂

  2. You have my utmost sympathy. There is nothing worse than a noisy neghbour. You might enjoy reading this:

  3. I am a drummer but I try to be considerate. I only play from 2 until 6, try to keep the drums as quiet as possible

  4. suggest they get electric drums to practice on – played through headphones noone else will hear a thing. Embarrass them by offering to buy a decent set – around £300

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