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Pilots and their gadgets and toys.

I didn’t think that the flying separation could get any worse; but I was wrong.

I read once in a pilot personality profile, that pilots generally love toys and gadgets, so I wasn’t too worried when Bf wanted a mini radio controlled helicopter for Christmas. I even encouraged my mum to guy one for him as a Christmas gift last year. I had no idea that he would become so obsessed! 

I seriously think his radio controlled flying addiction is starting to get the better of him… He shut down an Internet window on his credit card statement the other week in a hurry. When I questioned why, he reluctantly showed me that he’d spent nearly £2000 that month on radio controlled helicopters over the month! To be honest; I have never told him how he should spend his money. He earned it after all; and as long as we pay our bills, why should I worry about what he spends his money on? That said, I don’t like secrecy, and I was pretty shocked at the amount he’d spent!

I had taken the view that if you can’t beat them, join them. So I have been going to the local park with him and the the kids to watch him, figuring that it’s a great bonding opportunity for the kids to share a hobby with him any way…

I could live to regret this relaxed attitude though. Son number 1 is now already on rc aeroplane number 3 and now Bf’s gone and bought a full on 3D petrol helicopter (the kind that the pros fly). The fuel for these things alone is nearly £20 per litre! He’s almost finished building it, and has only just decided to tell me that these things cannot be flown in parks like his other one. They are too noisy and too large.

So, Bf has joined a full on radio controlled flying club! He even managed to find a specialist helicopter club that he’d found online. It’s only about 25 minutes from where we live. He left, telling me he’d be home in  and hour or two… Yeah right… Three and a half hours later, he returned. He was full of enthusiasm about the club. Apparently there were quite a few other airline pilots there too.

Jeez! Flying for a living isn’t enough, they all have to stand together in a field whilst they tinker with their toys and then fly their radio controlled toys together too! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were playing at conker fights in between turns!

He excitedly told me that the guys are all meeting for curry on Friday, and that this is a regular occurence. *Groan*. At that point, I said

“Look darling, I think I miss you quite enough as it is with you being away so much due to all the ‘real’ flying… I don’t mind you having a hobby, but I will seriously end up resenting this hobby if you disappear (with our only car (unless you count his other toy, a very impractical, old, classic, 2-seater convertible sports car that hasn’t seen the light of day since Baby was born)) for 3-4 hours every Sunday, and out every Friday with these guys! It’s just too much!”

We’ve compromised to curries on a Friday no more than once a month, and we’ll just see how we go with the flying club on Sundays.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable?


One Response to “Pilots and their gadgets and toys.”

  1. Hey ,

    I SO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM. My now pilot use to be addicted to these beast. He joined a flying club , and he was there every single day of the weekend, from 9 am till 18.00. He use to put the alarm clock on the saturday morning to wake up on time ( like if he was to go to work). I use to join him on the sunday , to get to see him a little bit.

    And it did not matter wheither the weather was bad or good, he had to be there. I had at some poing 4 big helicopter and a few wing , in our 2 bed maisonette , I even had one on top of the fridge.

    It did create massive argument , nearly broke up because of that. He use to fiddle with them as soon as he got home and that in my front room.

    His father once told me that he will grow out of it , I did not believe him , but he has. Last year he has sold the last remaining bit he had, nad he has not owned any RC flying object since.

    What really got to me , is that it was more than an hobby , and I felt that i came third after his job and his hobby.

    All I am going to say is dont let any bad habbit or routine come in the way of the small quality time you guys have together. You were right to sit down and talk about how he is going to manage his free time. You and the kids HAVE to be priority number one.

    best of luck .

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