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Marriage proposal

Well, I am a terrible blogger of late. I have been very busy with my job this week. I am loving the job by the way! No two weeks are alike. I am working on many different projects in close succession, and it’s varied and very interesting. I am learning a great deal, and enjoying all the research.  I hope it continues to stay this interesting!

I have also had Bf home for the whole week, which has been a rare treat. We had a heart-to-heart early on in the week about a few things that were bugging me, and making me feel unappreciated, and he has been very sweet with me since. I think it does you good to blow away the cobwebs every once in a while.

I also think I had a few weird emotions going on, because my little brother recently got engaged; and we attended his engagement party on Friday. It’s weird watching my ‘kid brother’ get engaged (he’s actually only two years and three months younger than me (those three months were very important when we were children)). I have been feeling a bit left behind recently… All my old childhood friends an family seem to be getting married, and I have been wondering why Bf hasn’t asked, especially since we already have a house, mortgage and child together, etc.

This was part of our heart-to-heart. He told me that I am ‘the one’ for him, but he feels that we have a lot on at the moment… He pretty much said “okay let’s get married then” in bed whilst we were talking about it.

Part of me was reassured, but mostly I was stunned (I know that marriage is something he takes VERY seriously) but also I was completely mortified! Where’s the romance in THAT as a proposal?  I said ‘no’… Well actually I think my response was more along the lines of:

“NO! that’s not seriously how you’re going to propose marriage to me is it?! …But don’t go saying, Well I did ask you, and you said no! …If I know you mean it, and can see that you have put some thought into it; and it doesn’t happen right off the back of a conversation we have where I ask you if you’re even thinking that way-I’ll feel differently!”

My brother’s engagement party was lovely. I’m so fond of his fiancee; and can’t wait for her to be my sister-in-law. It was great to see all my family too. Bf actually had the time off, and was able to go with me which was a rare treat too! He even designated himself as the driver, so that I could share a few drinks with my family, and not have to drive the 90 minute journey home which was very thoughtful.


5 Responses to “Marriage proposal”

  1. Awww… so will a “real” proposal be far off??

  2. I am holding out hope, but your guess is as good as mine!

  3. Sounds like it will happen soon and I think i’m sure it will be in a special way when he does!! I totally agree with you saying no and your reasons for doing so though! Obviously you are “the one” and in my opinion that means more than a wedding certificate anyway!

  4. We girls are never satisfied are we?! If they don’t say it we wonder why – and when they do say it we wonder why it wasn’t romantic – even though we were expecting it and almost craving it. I blame Jilly Cooper and Mills and Boon personally!

  5. LOL – I don’t even read those novels!

    But I do know what you mean. My problem is that I’m a hopeless romantic, and he might as well be an android! HAHA

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